Summer Poem Activity

Write, Publish, Review

Write Summer Poem

Students are going to write a poem in the format of their liking in order to tell the class about their summer vacation.

Linked below are several interactive poem generators:

Once you have written your poem, save it as PDF.

Publish Summer Diamante Poem

We will be publishing our poems on Edmodo for the rest of the class to see and review. Once you have finished your poem and saved it to your computer, please upload as a file to our Edmodo class page.

Review Peers' Poems

Post reviews to four of your classmates' poems by commenting on Edmodo. Use the handouts linked below in order to guide your reviews.

UDL Strategic Network

This activity falls under the UDL strategic network because students are going to decide which poem format to use in order to express themselves.

Here is how my lesson scores on the UDL guidelines worksheet.


In order to modify this lesson to meet UDL guidelines educators can:

  1. Allow students to choose their topic.
  2. Allow students other ways of sharing their summer vacation like a drawing with text explanation or a glogster highlighting their summer vacation.