Dork Diaries 3

BY: Jasmine Painia

About the author and book

Dork diaries 3 is written by Rachel Renee Russell and she lived Northern Virginia. My author wrote some other books called Dork Diaries1 and Dork Diaries 2. Also my author raised 2 daughters. This book is Fiction

The summary of the book

The characters are Nikki J. Maxwell, Makenzie Hollister, Brandon, Chloe, Zoey, Brianna, Mom, Dad. Hello friends out there. This book is about this girl named Nikki J. Maxwell and her life is harsh. The girl at Nikki's school named Makenzie Hollister and she is mean to Nikki by calling her a dork. Nikki has a crush on this boy named Brandon but she doesn't know if he likes her but she try's everything. But Makenzie keeps getting in the way. Nikki's friends try to get Makenzie out the way , but her friends Zoey and Chloe our bad at it. Nikki's did came to the school and she was embarrassed and a big incident happened but you'll have to read to fin out.

Opinion of the book

I liked the book because it was funny when they were dancing.

I didn't like the book because Makenzie kept calling Nikki a dork.

I liked hat Nikki told about her whole day.

I liked the funny noises like sqeee, arrgggg,woohoo.

The book is outstanding there's no need to change he book


This book reminded of Dear Dumb Diary because he book talks about Elizabeth's crush and about Elizabeth's school and how she got bullied everyday.

This book reminds me of Diary of a wimpy kid because it talks about Greg's bully and crush and about how mean his bully is and how pretty his crush is named Holly.

This book reminded me of me because I used to get bullied it made me feel sad and it help me understand the character's cause I see there pain.


I would read this to my mother because she helps me if I did a mistake, so if I did another book review would get it right. This book was interesting.