Term 4 Newsletter

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the last quarter of school this year. When we get to this time, I always look back on the year with pride. Our students have achieved so much including establishing and maintaining great friendships, learning about new concepts and acquiring skills, sitting and being successful in our NAPLAN assessments.

We have exciting news about an add-on service we will be commencing in the 2016 academic year. Some students and parents may not feel that the academic route is "for them". Yet, parents wish to afford their children a mainstream schooling environment. We are proud to announce that we have therefore added a "Specialist Support Approach (SSA)" to our school day. More on this below.

Of course we are also working our way up to our End of Year performance in November. Given that our adopted home has celebrated its 50th birthday this year, our students have opted to pay tribute to Singapore through their performances. I am looking forward to their creative showcases and I am sure that you will be very proud.

While most days in Singapore are "beach days", the annual haze has claimed Singapore once again and according to newspapers the haze is here to stay until November. Please read about the safety precautions we have set in place, which are dependant on PSI readings.

This term's ECAs - Flying Frisbee and Smart Art - are sure to be a hit among our students. Informational flyers will be forwarded shortly.

Finally, please also be reminded of 'Important Dates' as listed below so you do not miss any important events.

Here's to a great ending to the year. I look forward to seeing you all at the End of Year Performance, if not earlier.

Dr. Vanessa von Auer


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What is the IIS Specialist Support Approach (IIS-SSA)

The academic route is not one to be travelled by all children – nor is this the only route to travel on. Academics, solely, is not what sets a child up for life. In fact, children who continue to struggle in an academic programme can feel frustrated and disappointed with their life, and feel out of place as their learning gap between them and their peers continues to grow. It would be ideal to prevent a child from getting to that point and to instead show them that they can be successful through other avenues which do not solely focus on academic subjects. For students who are not academically inclined, our IIS – Specialist Approach (IIS-SSA) is the solution!

How does SSA work?

SSA students are still integrated into classrooms, which are of a non-academic nature. Some of these classes and school events include Creative Arts, PDHPE, school excursions, outdoor group play, etc. SSA students then receive functional lessons in Mathematics (e.g., number identification, time, purchasing items), Literacy (e.g., communication, foundational print and reading skills), daily independent living skills (e.g., making a simple meal, shopping at a grocery store), self-help (e.g., cleaning up, grooming), and vocational skills (e.g., baking, serving food).

SSA will continue to follow the same IIS school day hours (9:00am to 2:00/3:00pm) and parents continue to meet with teachers for parent-teacher conferences quarterly.

If you think that this third educational approach is something your child or a friend's child could benefit from , please contact us at admissions@iis.com.sg

School Precautions against the Haze

IIS will be monitoring the PSI values daily and has set up precautions in response to unhealthy or hazardous ranges. Please note that if the PSI readings are above 100, students will be kept indoors at IIS. This means outdoor play time and PDHPE will need to be conducted on site. If the PSI reading is 300 and above, IIS will close and students should be kept at home and indoors. It is important that your children wear masks, if age-appropriate, when the PSI readings are 100 and above.

Important Dates

27 October: Term 4 School Excursion

10 November: Deepavali

28 November: End of Year Performance

30 November: Halloween Celebration at IIS (more details to follow)

7-8 December: Parent-Teacher meetings (Support students only)