Weekly Bulletin

~ Sept. 3-6 ~ Week 2 ~

Off to a good start...

KUDOS: Staff & Faculty Recognition

One week down, 37 to go! Our first week was a success thanks to your dedication & committment! Teachers were excited to see their students and students were simply happy to be back to school. I walked in to classrooms, but I was becoming a distraction when some students were saying, "The principal is here!", so I opted to peek and quietly observe. Some of you saw me, but all of you were highly engaged with your students. I observed students in groupings & sharing out with their classmates, I observed teachers and students modeling a desired behavior, TK/K teachers using TPR during their Spanish morning lesson, students were singing, teachers modeling and using manipulatives & hands-on activities...THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!


  • Assembly Committee: Thank you Mr. Ellison & his team for organizing our first community assembly! Ms. Perrone & her 3rd grade class rocked the chant! Mark, Alisa, & Priscilla had a great vision & the assembly turned out to be great! Now, I got nervous & forgot some things... :')
  • Mark & Paul: Thank you for organizing the junior coaching & the trainings with Coach K! We're off to a great start!
  • Mr. Marcel: Thank you for modeling for our students safety & team work during recess!
  • Sam: Working on our wonderful weekly bulletin, distributing all the flyers, & making calls!
  • Paul & Ms. Kim: Thank you for your on-going support in the yard, what would we do without you!

  • Ms. Tunney: Thank you for supporting our TK/K & 1st grade teams. We are excited to have you at SEED!
  • Ms. Brigida & Devon: Thank you for supporting our TK/K team this week, you truly made a difference.
  • ALL STAFF: Thank you for making our first week welcoming & safe for our students.



TK - August 26: ECERS 1, 2 & DRDP 1 opens



Grades 2-5: SRI 1

Grades K-1: DEBELS NEXT 1, scan by 9/27

9/3 CELDT Annual Testing Window Opens

staff training will take place after 9/5 through moodle portal

9/3-9/20 - UPDATED

1-5: EDL 1

1-3: DRA 1


Manzanita SEED Character Rubric

The below character traits are part of SEED discipline policy, please take time throughout the first month (and beyond) of school to provide opportunities for children to practice and relate with relevant situations that occur frequently at school. Share with children the rubric and its purpose. A hard copy will be placed in your box, please post in your classroom in a location that is visible to all your students.

  • Respect: Be careful
  • Responsibility: Be Responsible
  • Collaboration: Be a Team Player
  • Honesty: Tell the truth
  • Compassion: Be Kind
  • Perseverance: Keep Trying


In order to maintain an environment free of distractions and altercations, I am asking you to enforce the policy of NO POKEMON CARDS on campus. This week, we had students arguing during recess about these cards & lining up late because they were playing.

Uniform Policy

•Students are expected to wear their uniform EVERYDAY. There is no FREE DRESS FRIDAYS.

•Classrooms will earn the privilege to NOT wear a uniform on Fridays.

•We will develop a system that will track your classroom, we welcome recommendations.

•Red or white shirts - ONLY


In order to keep a safe recess environment& use our time in learning

•K-2nd: Freeze, Kneel/squad, walk, line-up

•3rd-5th: Freeze, walk, line-up

Parent Concerns: When a parent is confrontational, ALWAYS know that I am your support & will be proactive to remedy the situation. Please do not hesistate to inform me.

Family Connections

Monday, Aug. 26th 2013 at 1:30pm to Friday, Aug. 30th 2013 at 2:45pm

Via phone conference

Let's keep calling our families if they are not showing up! We need 7 more students to be at our projected enrollment of 385!


SAVE THE DATE: PreK-1st Grade Professional Learning Community Kick-Off & Orientation

Dear Teachers, Principals, Colleagues, and Partners:

OUSD is thrilled to announce the launch of FOUR, OUSD Inquiry Cohort Aligned PreK - 1st Grade Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for all Oakland early year/early grade teachers and early childhood providers this school year:

* Early Balanced Approaches to Literacy, (1st Wednesdays, October - May)
* Early Dual Language Learners, (2nd Wednesdays, October - May)
* Early Literacy + Visual & Performing Arts, (3rd Wednesdays, October - May)
* Complex Social Play in the early years and early grades, (4th Wednesdays, October - May)

Each of these PreK - 1st Grade PLCs will be coordinated with OUSD P-5 LCI content teams, Oakland Educators Association (OEA) leadership, OUSD Family Engagement, African American Male Achievement, Social Emotional Learning, Behavioral Health, Early Childhood Education, and Programs for Exceptional Children (PEC) teams, partner charter schools, First 5 Alameda, Oakland Head Start, and national/local experts - with a key focus on the following Common Core Aligned topics:

- Inquiry-based instruction development
- Data Literacy specific to teachers of young children
- Developmentally, Culturally, and Linguistically Responsive (DCLR) teaching practices; including

Social Emotional Learning
- Grade-level alignment, partnership, and co-planning

Principal & PreK - 1st Grade teachers are invited to join us for the 2013-14 Joint P-1 PLC Kick-off event and orientation:

When: Wednesday, September 11th
Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Location: TBD
Key Note Speaker: Dr. Kristie Kauerz*

(food and beverages provided)

REGISTRATION IS FREE!!!! RSVP with La Tanya Smith-Hill:

Questions? Please email: michelle.grantgroves@ousd.k12.ca.us

Lucy Caulkins Writer's Workshop

Expeditionary Learning Lessons

Thank you to a couple of grade levels that have submitted/shared their lessons. We have a few grade levels that submission is pending. The agreement with our previous administration was to share by August 19th.

Please share through Google drive.



Enrollment Count Dates: GOAL IS 385!

  • Day 1: Monday, August 26th
  • Day 7: Wednesday, September 4th
  • Day 10: Monday, September 9th
  • Day 15: Monday, September 16th
  • Day 20: Monday, September 23rd

Deadlines for submissions:

  • All schools will receive an Enrollment Counts Survey by 8:00 AM on each Enrollment Count day.
  • ALL school submissions will be due by 12:00 PM on each Enrollment Count day (including TK‐Elementary,
  • beginning at noon, Executive Officers will receive hourly updates of schools that have not yet submitted their counts.
  • At 3 PM, the Office of Instruction and Operational Alignment will send a list to the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents of which schools have not submitted their counts.



All children will have free breakfast all school year.

All children will have free lunch from August 26th through October 8th. After all meal applications are submitted, we will be informed as to the children that will receive free/reduced lunch.


Teachers, please make sure that you have your partner teacher's classroom roster for lunch. It is a requirement that Food Service know which students ae eating lunch. This will alleviate the check-out time during lunch. Food service asks that you inform your students their number that they fall under on their rosters. Food Service will ask them for their number.

Prep Schedule - FINAL DRAFT in your box

Thank you to the combined efforts of Alisa, Manny, and all of your feedback, you will find a final draft in your box. We will NOT start prepthis week, we start on Sept. 9th. If you find any errors, please let us know prior to September 6th.

Need to contact your administrator?

Please feel free to contact Beatrice at 925-323-2163 if you need anything.

Email me at the OUSD email, beatrice.martinez@ousd.k12.ca.us & not my personal email. I do not check that email as often as I should.

I will be out on Friday, Sept. 6th, I will return on Monday, Sept. 9th. An Administrator(s) Designee will be available for your support.

Friday's Assembly

Week 2 - 9/6:

Grades: 1st, 2nd, Ms. Cato’s 3rd grade class, Ms. Bien’s 4th grade class, & Mr. Zucker’s 5th grade class.

Parent Communication

We will be implementing a Wednesday Folder that will go out to ALL families. In it, families will find our weekly bulletin and any other pertinent information from our community, our school, or even from your classroom.

We ask that you support us in sending them home. Students can support you in distributing them every Wednesday, perfect opportunities for a service job!

Our goal to implement this is mid September, the folder will be RED. If your students lose it , we will replace it. We do ask that you support us & expect students to return the folder on Thursday. Parents can also use it to send the school or you a note.

More information to come!

Medicine Cabinet

Attention teachers: the medicine cabinet is now located in the main office. A medication binder is located on top of the cabinet with the medication orders.


We ask that your students put their chairs up at the end of the day. Mr. Lopez will appreciate it & your classroom will be swept/vacumed.

More information...

Healthy Environment:

Effective this school year, NO PEANUT products are allowed at school. Manzanita Community & SEED have children with severe reactions. We ask that you support us in keeping our school safe & healthy for all children.

Student & Faculty Safety:

Effective this school year the black gate between the Community Office & Kinder playground will remain locked. Below is the schedule:

Monday-Friday (except Wednesday): 9:15 AM—2:15 PM

Wednesdays: 9:15 AM—1:00 PM

***The pedestrian gate on E 26th Street will remain open during school hours.

All classrooms will have a "Did you sign in?" sign outside your classroom door, we ask that you ask all parents to stop at the office to sign in prior to coming into your classroom.

A special name tag will be created for our volunteers that help us regularly.