Christine Montgomery, LCSW

About Christine

Christine Montgomery, LCSW-- has a BA in Psychology from SCSU and a Masters in Social Work from Boston University. She has worked at the Clifford Beers Clinic since 1995. She started as a clinician in the crisis intervention program; and now is Vice President of Clinical and Community Based Services.

Clifford Beers Clinic is a non-profit, child guidance clinic in New Haven. They provide clinical services throughout the 17 towns of Greater New Haven. She has stayed at Clifford Beers for nearly 20 years because as she says "The work is very much in line with my own beliefs: if given the chance, all children can succeed, and it’s the responsibility of all of us to make sure that children have that chance" . Clifford Beers Clinic has 170 staff and they work with families who have experienced trauma. We are leaders in the areas of trauma, wellness and collaboration. A big part of Christine's job is to make and sustain connections–connections to the work, connections to the families, and connections to the community.

Christine is also a Durham resident and the proud mother of a 2nd grader at Brewster school.

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