adopt agent of Element

lanthanum kid by Corbin Phillps

You can adopt a Lanthanum ( who have 3 name.)

Who is one element can use to add to other element

have 57 atomic and have 82 neutron . This here have only 57 electron. This have 57 protons.

The symbol is La

Buy one and Whit one Lantana can get free order of batteries band kingWayne corp.

The kid hood of the Lanthanum

In the kid hood it was use the Batteries of car and old Batteries. This was add to other metals to make hard to none bye.

But the is have the same mass is out over the life time is 138.90547 , and out over the life is is a Metal who like to help other Metal.

Cost or the TWO AWAY THING.

If you want to get a kid it Cost, pure: $800 per 100g.

But today to 1-10-15 is a new cost for bulk is Cost, bulk: $ per 100g. In a wayne term tholoy