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Laura Francis

Ragin' Cajun - University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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Language Arts Instructional Coach

Language Arts 7 Honors

Language Arts 7 GT

Language and Literacy

Learning Experiences with real world connections in:


–Guided Reading


–Literature Circles/Book groups

-Short stories


-Article of the Week (AOW)


Compose, Revise, Edit and Publish

–Evidence Based

-Grammar (GrammarFlip)

–Connected to real-world reading

–Journals/Reader’s Notebooks

–Expository Writing (a 7th grade focus) in addition to narrative, persuasive and imaginative writing

Listening and Speaking

-Research to build knowledge and present knowledge to others

-Academic vocabulary

-Class discussions and social media communication

Classroom Materials

iPad - please help ensure these are fully charged at the beginning of the school day

Journal - a dedicated LA journal

Pens/pencils - it is essential to have writing utensils for our class

Silent Reading book - learners are expected to have a self-selected book in class daily

Earbuds - we use these often and particularly for Istation and Membean

Novels - please pickup an order form

Silent Reading

**Why do we set aside time to do this??

According to research, reading is the BEST way to

-increase fluency (reading speed)

-increase vocabulary

-improve comprehension

-increase standardized test scores

-become a better writer

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Learning minutes are completed during class (THIRTY minutes) with biweekly quizzes (Level One grades). Learners are encouraged to complete more learning minutes to enhance spoken and written vocabulary as well as boost Membean quiz grades.


Please pick up a novel order form and turn-in by October 13th.

Fall novel - TBD

Whole class novel - Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Book study/Lit Circle novel - TBD

Summer Reading/End of Year novel - TBD

*The first three novels are required for class, but the fourth novel is optional.


  • CISD uses the online reading program called iStation to screen learners in the area of reading comprehension, fluency, spelling, and vocabulary.

  • Every learner in the school will take an iStation screener at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to measure progress throughout the year. Learners may also complete a monthly Istation assessment for progress monitoring.

  • The program scores learners in these four areas between Tier 1 (on or above grade level) and Tier 3 (below grade level).

  • Data analysis will help guide instruction, intervention and extension.


Monday afternoons from 3:40-4:00, Thursday mornings from 7:30-7:50 AM or by appointment.

Learners may also attend tutorials with another Language and Literacy 7 educator if these times aren't convenient.

Grading Plan

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Schoology & Google Classroom

Schoology - Learning experiences will be posted under Updates and Assignments by priority and/or deadlines.

Google Classroom - some assignments will be posted and submitted through Google Classroom. Learners may use the Google Classroom app or the website, but information about where to submit assignments will be posted on Schoology under the weekly Update.

What can you do to help?

  • Encourage your learner to read 30 minutes DAILY
  • Establish a study time at home
  • Facilitate real-world connections - encourage discussions with your learner about what he/she is reading and/or writing and make connections to day-to-day life
  • Check Schoology and the Parent Portal regularly
  • Encourage your learner to self-advocate and take responsibility for his/her learning