Tech & Training Thursday

March 24, 2016

March 24

Get ready for a new Tech/Training Thursday! Your presenters work hard to prepare personalized sessions for you so please RSVP below for the sessions you will plan to attend.

Do you have an idea for a session?

Would you like to teach a session (great way to work toward that 4 on TKES)?

Email Heather Welch.

Spicing up your Science & Social Studies Block!

Thursday, March 24th, 2:45pm

4th Grade Team - Alterman's 4th Grade Classroom

Are you looking for ways to improve your Social Studies/Science block? Meet with the 4th grade team this Thursday where we will discuss a variety of ways to enhance your content blocks. Topics include but are not limited to:

· Incorporating PBL (& how to structure the block)

· Combining a science unit and a social studies unit into one PBL unit

· Stations that will work with any unit you are teaching

· Overall Block Structure/Schedule

Additionally, if you have something to share that has worked well during your content block, we encourage you to share with the group! This is a great time to get together and share what works in other classroom around the building!

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Solo Writing Program

Thursday, March 24th, 2:45pm

Ms. Densmore & Mrs. Johnson's Classroom - 5th Grade Hall

Do you have students that dislike writing?

Do you have students that struggle with organizing their information?

Do you want to integrate more technology into your classroom?

Do you want your students to become independent in their writing and love it?

Do you need a refresher course about SOLO Software?

Then come to our SOLO Writing Training!!

SOLO Writing is a great way to integrate writing with technology, have students to become more confident in their ability to create paragraphs and to organize their information faster.

There will be snacks and games!

So come and join us for our Tech Thursday session!!


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Students will LOVE this type of Assessment!

Thursday, March 24th, 2:45pm

Kati Searcy's TAG Classroom

Assessment can be a creative adventure for our students! You can assess your students by having them create digital products to demonstrate what they know and understand about a topic. We will explore a variety of free tools: Newspaper Clipping Generator, Fake Text, FakeBook, Chatterpix, paper slide videos, green screen, original songs, and music videos.

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Maker Spaces

Thursday, March 24th, 2:45pm

Heather Welch-NPES Media Center

1. What is a Maker Space? Learn about our new NPE Makerspace and view other Makerspace models.

2. How can I fit a Makerspace into my day with all the other "stuff" I need to do? Learn how to implement Maker thinking into instruction.

3. How can I have my own classroom Makerspace? Brainstorm ways you can create a Makerspace in your own classroom!

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