Library Media Monthly Report

March 2014

Library Media Center Staff

Administrative Media Specialist - Melissa House

Itinerant Media Specialist - Substitute Domenica Simpson, new hire Brenda Walenczyk

Media Technician - Cindy Stiemly


Classes Scheduled in the Media Center: 137

Lessons, direct instruction or support by LMS:

Melissa: 61

Itinerant Substitute: 76

Individual Students: 159

Monthly Circulation Stats:

Loans: 3988

Renewals: 276
Holds: 208

Administrative Duties

  • Attended an Educator Effectiveness Academy meeting to assist in the planning of PD for the rest of the school year.

  • Attended a Gifted and Talented Committee meeting to discuss student qualifications/placement in program.

  • Birthday Book Club - Sent out flyers for April - The club continues to be a success with additional funds donated to the school library.

  • Collaborated with 3rd grade teachers to discuss how I could help with their research project, 4th grade to continue on hero research project, and school counselor on upcoming Career Day and 5th grade research project.

  • Completed weeding the 900's.

  • Created list of new books to buy to replenish the 900's and update the 200's, 300's, and literature the students and teachers requested. Order submitted.

  • Read School Library Journal and Instructor Magazine.

  • Completed and turned in P-Card report for review.

  • Met with mentor teacher Deb Geppi each week to discuss lesson plans, assessments, and student behavior.

Technician Duties

  • Processed materials including Birthday Book Club books.

  • Worked on updating spine labels to new author last name specifications, as well as changing signage in the Everybody section.

  • Continued weeding Fiction section.

  • Continued lexile project in fiction section, adding lexile levels to all books.

  • Updated the library "Catch of the Day" display each week with a new topic.

  • On A weeks, picks up first grade class from specials and dissmisses them from school to provide coverage for classroom teacher.

  • Updated seasonal displays.

Lessons Taught


  • Construction Week 2
  • Construction Week 3/Spring Week 1 (BME + Spring intro)
  • Spring Week 2 (Maple Syrup)
  • Spring Week 3 (What we do in spring)

First Grade

  • Old Favorites Week 4 - Problem and solution with Lyle
  • Old Favorites Week 5 - Compare Old and New
  • Mini Genre Week 1 - Science Fiction
  • Mini Genre Week 2 - Historical Fiction

Second Grade

  • Reading Road Trip Week 2 - Science Fiction
  • Reading Road Trip Week 3 - Mystery
  • Reading Road Trip Week 4 - Historical Fiction
  • Reading Road Trip Week 5 - Folktale

Third Grade

  • Fairy Tales Week 4 (Fairy Tales Week 2)
  • Fairy Tales Week 5 (Fairy Tales Week 3)
  • Research Culture Grams Intro
  • Research Citation Intro

Fourth Grade

  • Hero Research Week 1
  • Hero Research Week 2
  • Hero Research Week 3
  • Hero Research Week 4

Fifth Grade

  • Career Research Week 1
  • Career Research Week 2
  • Career Research Week 3