Serving America

Author Summer Miller

The Navy

Do you wonder how are world is safe.I will tell you.A long time ago in Philadelphia on October 13,1775 it was after the Second Continual Congress is when the navy started.

The navy is the branch of a nations armed service that conducts military operations at sea. That means they take huge ships to the sea or ocean a take down the bad people in the other ships.They call the bad people pirates.Pirates are really bad people who try to take over you and sometimes kill people.When i grow up I am gonna be in the navy.

Funny Weather forcast

It' gonna be 89 degrees in Antarctica and 20 degrees in Hawaii.In Springfield its gonna be 102 degrees and cloudy.That is the weather.Thanks for watching.

Retirement AD

Jeffrey Lee Ward had a retirement on April 2,2016 from the navy.Jeff for short has been in the navy for ten years all of his sailor friends are going to miss him like Ryan and Cody.The good thing is Jeff got medals, presents ,cake and a paddle from a ship Jeff also got a certificate sighed by president Obama.
Navy blasts pirate boat