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Lindbergh High School

Parent eNote Week of Addendum

We've been having some issues with our eNote Delivery System I apologize for any inconvenience if you have not been consistently receiving them or if you receive it twice due to delivery issues.

One mistake and one item that was left off today:

Senior Courtney Conlon was inadvertently misidentified on the list of students who signed to play in college. Courtney has signed to play soccer at Elmhurst University! Good luck, Courtney!!

Additionally, see below for a volunteer opportunity for members of our parent group. They are going to be throwing a lunchtime celebration for our students.


The LHS PTG will be providing Music and Popsicles during lunch on Wednesday, May 3rd. We need a few volunteers to help with set up, handing out popsicles, and light clean up after. You can use the link provided in the image or the QR code to sign up.

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