Savannah Wiese

Online Flyer Assignment

About me

My name is Savannah JoRae Wiese, I was born on October 9, 1997. I go to Newman Grove Public School, I'm a senior this year. I'm in involved in volleyball, bowling, student council, saving the monarchs and yearbook. I'm an only child but I consider my friends my brother and sisters. My grandma and grandpa Wiese, my dad's side, has 20 grandchildren and I'm the youngest out of them all. My grandpa Ciboron, my mom's side, has 7 grandchildren and i"m the third youngest. I come from a big family but also a little one. After high school I plan on attending college at Northeast in Norfolk NE for nursing but I'm keeping my oppositions open to other colleges. I love to be around my family and friends, spending time with them and creating memories that I will remember forever.
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Senior picture, took by my friend Destiny Johnson