Aliana Fichera

Period ½



Have you ever wondered robot’s might take over the world? Well you might be right! Google already has a self driving car! Might as well make everything run by robot’s. Robot’s can already help nurses, doctors, saving people from gold mines, self driving cars, going into volcanoes, and much more! In these three paragraphs you will learn, why Google made the self driving car, Mr.Gower compared to the car, and another compare and contrast of the car and the Gemini scout.

Why Google Did This?

Google the car because it would reduce car accidents. It is and would be safer. When the maker of this car was getting interviewed they were in the car and the car was driving. “A motorcycle cut the car off. The car saw the move coming.” From the article, “When the Car is the Driver”. (Henn) This means that the car will be more safer.

Compare And Contrast Of The Car And Mr.Gower

Mr.Gower, and the car are alike, and not alike at the same time. First Mr.Gower works in the hospital. The car works on the road. They both save lives. The car reduces accidents. Mr.Gower doesn’t directly save lives but he is a big help.

Compare And Contrast Of The Car And The Gemini-Scout

The car and the Gemini-Scout are not really relatable. The Gemini-scout saves lives. It saves trapped people that are trapped under gold mines. The car was made to drive people around safely. The Gemini-scout is not all over the world yet. “The self driving car is not all over the world”(Henn) either.


You see robots can save lives without people even knowing. They know what is best. They will make a difference in the world. If you want to learn more information ask an adult or go to the library.