Ramses Ramos


February 12, 2016

Ramses ramos is the beast.

feb 13th

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I believe that the quote Ishmael's father said to him is actually pretty true. In life we keep losing everything, our friends, family, even our pets and we keep thinking, what in the world am I alive if there is nothing for me to live for. But one should never give up because no matter how difficult things get the one thing that will never be gone is hope. Hope is the most important thing in life because it gives us a reason to keep going, that something better is going to come ahead. That's what Ishmael was thinking in his fathers words that no matter how dificult the situation is there wil be something good ahead.

Write about how Ishmael escaped death

During his journey Ishmael escaped death many time, so far in his journey probably about 3-5 times. The first time was lucky how they wanted to be rap stars and they left the village right before the rebels had come, so in a way they where able to escape death. One time later in their journey they got captured but they where able to run away thanks to the gun fire that made the rebels hide in the bushes giving them a chance to run away themselves. Though the rebels didn't want to lose them so they followed them. While they where crawling so the rebels wont notice them one of the people that followed them got his bag stuck and he didnt want to leave it behind. The rebels notices it so they where coming towards them, so Ishmael and the others had to run away before it was to late. When he was in the forest alone he had nothing to eat and was sure of he didnt eat anything he was going to die. He didnt care what he ate as long as he ate something, so he tried some berries that the birds where eating in the bushes. While he ate them he was waiting to see if the berries that he had ate where poisonous, but turns out they werent. I think also what made him move forward was his fathers words of wisdo, of how we have to hope for something better to come along