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Peeta Mellark

Im 16 years old and I live in District 12. I'm in the family business as a baker.

The 74th Hunger Games Victor

More information about me!

I love to play baseball and my position is short stop. My favorite school subject is math. I enjoy hanging out with my cousins and playing basketball on their hoop outside. I also enjoy The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a brutal game. There are 24 people that consist of 12 pairs in The Hunger Games. One girl and one boy are picked from each district to fight in The Hunger Games. Twenty-four players have to find weapons and food to survive and kill everyone else in the arena but you also have to be careful of traps. You also have to make sure you don't get bit by a bug or else it could give you nausea effects. The goal of the game is to kill everyone and be the last man or women standing.

Some of my hobbies!

- Playing baseball

-Playing video games

- Hanging out with my cousins

- Watching tv

- Sleeping