Global warming! Who is responsible


Who is responsible for the huge issue of global warming.

Global warming is a huge issue in society today, and is causing drastic changes in our environment all around us. Some people may think that humans are not responsible for global warming, and that it just happen's naturally. Some people claim that maybe it has or has not been around for a long time, us humans have definitely added on to it a lot. I however strongly believe that global warming is caused by human activity. Nonetheless I am going to explain how us human's are of fault for causing global warming in society today. There are also many things that human's do that increase global warming and if we take time to change these habits/uses then there may be a chance of decreasing global warming.
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Global Warming Affects Us

Global warming is a very serious controversy because it can really affect our environment in which we live in. Global warming can really change a lot of things and can cause damage to our environment too. More wildfires are breaking out, droughts are becoming more common, because of the climate change/global warming. The fires breakout as droughts are becoming more common in other areas. And the fires spread more quickly and burn longer destroying homes, forests, and public recreation. It is almost 100 percent certain that human kind's use of fossil fuels like oil and coal is warming and acidifying the oceans, melting glaciers and causing sea levels to rise around the planet (Terry Winckler,IPCC).Food is also becoming more scarce because the climate change is making it much more difficult to grow the crops (David Friedberg). There has been twice as much carbon dioxide in the air and it is increasing and increasing and that making it very hard for humans to breath. Nonetheless these are very bad affect's that are left with us and the environment we live around because of global warming.
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Who Is Responsible

Human's are mostly responsible for Global warming/Climate change because of burning fossil fuels and that causes more greenhouse gasses to build up in our atmosphere. Human activity such as burning fossil fuels cause more and more greenhouse gases to build up in the atmosphere. When we take out and burn fossil fuels like petroleum and coal, we make a release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. "Scientists have found that most of the observed warming is very likely due to the burning of coal, oil, and gas (National Wildlife Federation)." This sum's up understanding of the atmospheric greenhouse effect and how human activities have been changing it in many ways.

How Can It Be Stopped

Global Warming can be stopped. We have to find alternative ways to using natural resources and fossil fuels. Because the main cause of global warming is having too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. If we want to stabilize the climate, the change from fossil fuels like coal and oil needs to occur soon. We have to cut down on the uses of the things. Helping clean and keeping our forest's clean, reducing,

reusing, and recycling, driving less and driving smarter, finding closer stores, grocery stores because that store requires less transportation are all ways that we can save thousands of carbon dioxide from entering out atmosphere(Environmental defense fund). And these are only some of the ways that we can slow down global warming there but people should really take into consideration that if we don't take action then people will stop trying and then we and the future will face bad consequences.


Overall, there are many factors to global warming, the main ones being

us humans burning fossil fuels, when people drive or fly, when you eat meat and exotic foods, when you use electricity. Whether you believe that climate change/global warming is human caused or is naturally there, there are many ways to combat global warming and it begins with us (people), it is not that hard to find alternative ways to help save earth, because our world is slowly dying. However, this is a very drastic situation for everyone around the world and we have to do something soon to stop/prevent any further climate change from happening.

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