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December 12, 2020

January Materials

Instead of asking families to come to campus for pick-up this time, we will be mailing January's student materials to homes. They will be mailed on Monday of this week.

Some students will have special items from their teacher or “Stress Kits” from our Equity and Inclusion Club that cannot be mailed. If that is the case for your child, you will receive a reminder from your child's teacher or a Blackboard email from the school. Look for that email on Saturday 12/12. Those who need to pick up special items (again, only if you were given notice by the email or your teacher), will do so on TUESDAY between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Please park at the southeast corner of campus (8th and Harvard), then have an adult pick up the items from the table. Staff will be there to assist with directions and social distancing.

Thank you!

Going beyond the classroom

The following activities will be available this week.

All links are available on the Sycamore Student Canvas page.

12:30-1:00 Monday: Grades 2-3 Book Club

12:00-1:00 Tuesday: Upper Grade Math Club

12:30-1:00 Tuesday: Grades 2-3 Math Club

12:30-1:00 Tuesday: Grades K-1: NO MEETING until January

12:30-1:00 Wednesday Equity and Inclusion Club

12:00-12:30 Thursday: Sign Language Club with Leslie Roberts

12:30-1:00 Thursday: Grade 4-6 Book Club

Publishing House

Wednesday’s Lunchtime Zoom with Author, Illustrator, and former Sycamore parent, Kimberly Gee. Kimberly Gee was fantastic. Kimberly shared what she called “play work.” Publishing a book is certainly fun, but it never comes together on the first try.

Because the process takes time, our authors need to start soon! All interested Publishing House authors should fill out the Sign Up form by Friday, December 18th. We are also looking for virtual volunteers to help during drop-in PH office hours on Zoom. Please indicate your interest as a volunteer in the form or email:


Friday, December 18

Due date for Publishing House Authors to sign up

As is typical each year, the Friday before Winter Break is a minimum day. No lessons, office hours or meetings will occur after12:00 PM on Friday, December 18. We return to distance learning on Tuesday, January 5. (NO School on Monday the 4th)

Ability Awareness

Over the past week, students and staff have been engaged in lessons around ability awareness. Lessons have focused on understanding our similarities and differences, promoting awareness about the needs of others and strategies to stand against ableism. Consider continuing these conversations at home with your child. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Read Just Ask, by Sonia Sotomayor. To get you started, this links offer video of the author reading the book's introduction and sharing a personal experience that prompted her to write the book.

Talk about what inclusion means and how it might look in a family and community. Look for signs of accessibility for children and adults with disabilities. Talk with your child about why certain features are important, who would use them, and how they makes the place welcoming to people with disabilities. Notice where locations or items in the environment keep people with a disability from being comfortably or fully included. Work together to design solutions to the challenges you find.

Consider designing solutions for a specific access issue. Here are examples from the Include! K-12 Curriculum, Vermont Statewide Independent Living Council,

  • A person who is blind wants to start a game of Uno with friends. How could the game be designed so that people with and without vision could play together?
  • A person with a memory disability wants to have some pet gerbils. What could you design to help the person remember to feed the gerbils each day and clean their cage each week?
Talk about how your design solutions would be helpful for people with disabilities and people without disabilities.

Shop with Scrip!

Scrip is a gift card fundraising program and a fantastic option for gift giving. When our community members purchase a gift card, a percentage of the purchase is returned to our school. We now have an app that will take your order and accept payment without the hassle of forms and checks. Purchases can be mailed to your home (there is a small fee) or received as e-cards. Please share this information with friends and extended family members so they can join in. Such an easy way to support our school throughout the year.

1. Simply download the RaiseRight app on your smartphone

2. Select "Join a Program"

3. Enter Sycamore’s enrollment code AEFE49A43L158

4. Create your account

5. Follow the instructions in the app to start earning for our school

You may pay with a credit card or by connecting to your bank account. The app's “Pay Coordinator Directly” is NOT an option for our school.

In addition to purchasing through RaiseRight, we have the following local scrip still available for purchase: Eureka Burger, Rhino Records, Starbucks, Stater Bros, Vons, Sprouts, Wolfe’s, Eddie’s, Walters

To place an order for local scrip, please email Centia at

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