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Smore Number 1

Media is the different ways to display literary pieces. Media can range from a simple picture, to written articles even to music. In media literacy, you focus more on the literature given by analyzing and creating pieces. The analyzing portion of this class contains reading the work, and deciphering what it means and what the themes of the piece are. This might extend to having to define words or reading other context about the piece to understand the entire backstory. Media literacy has become much more popular in the 21st century with such easy access to the internet and electronic devices. Before this day in age, all media was spread through word of mouth, songs, drawings, or written pieces, but now with the advanced internet other media techniques are possible. Social media has become a large media with people being able to post how they fell, and what they have been up to for thousands to see with the click of a button. This new technology is all a part of media literacy, by bringing media to us but not just reading it and not understanding it, but realizing the true meaning behind it and why it is important to our lives individually. To be media literate is to be able to read and understand media pieces. That is the important part otherwise reading it is useless. To read a piece and not know what it means is to cut down a plant and not harvest its fruit.

What can I do? Smore number two

With today’s problem of homelessness I plan to not be a hypocrite and help make a change in our nation’s homeless issue. I plan to give any homeless people I come across the respect that they deserve. If I have money on me or any type of item that would help them out, I will try my best to give them something to help make their life easier. Also if I see any type of social injustice like bullying the homeless on the streets, bullying online or anything negative towards the homeless, I will attempt to stop the bullying and make sure the homeless knows he is still loved. If anyone I know becomes homeless I will try to help them find a home or take them in myself. I know that sounds like a stretch, but if they are someone I truly care about, I hope I’m not selfish enough to give them a small space of my house for them to clean up and hopefully find a job. Though some of these are big in helping, the most important is to keep their mind above everything. They are going through hard times, and a positive and happier outlook on life is what will keep them fighting each and every day. That is what’s most important, because once they give up on hope; it’s hard for them to ever find shelter and a home.

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Smore 3 Super Bowl Precis

In Toyota’s commercial “The Longest Chase” (2016), Toyota makes fun of how a Prius could get away from a cop chase and in the process promotes the new Toyota Prius 4. Toyota focuses on the new style of the Prius with the new exterior design, fast speed, and breaking sensor all while avoiding the cops during a bank robbery. Using the new Prius 4, they poke at the previous image of the Prius in order to reveal the Prius 4; in fact, Toyota calls it the, “chase of the century” in reference to the “People v. O.J. Simpson Trial”. Toyota addresses this towards all people interested in a new car in a mockingly humoristic tone; however, by focusing on the fact they are driving a Prius rather than committing a crime, Toyota aims the commercial towards men on the fact it has become more of a sporty vibe.

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Smore Number 4

Through advertising our society has connected and spread information that hasn’t always been positive. For a while commercials were negative towards women being weak and only doing “women’ activities, but with the new start of men being portrayed negatively like in the recent Super Bowl Doritos’ commercial, of the dad not caring about the moms ultrasound, men have been personified as lazy and weak putting the power in women’s hands. Through these advertisements, we are not displaying the dreams we have towards equality, nor discrimination of any kind, but instead are rotating the discrimination towards the ones who didn’t receive it before. This isn’t the way our society wants it to be, but with women taking commercials too seriously and to heart, men are being pushed to the forefront of the commercials to be negatively depicted. Through these commercials people have begun to act like the commercials and berate men of their values and put the power in women’s hands. This is need in of change, and by change we don’t need to move on to a new group of people to berate of their positive qualities.

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Smore Number 5

Coca-Cola made a hypocritical ad campaign in 2013 to promote an end to obesity when Coca-Cola is a leading contributor to obesity with “over the past 30 years, 43 percent of the increase in daily calories consumed by Americans has come from sugary drinks.” This is hypocrisy by promoting the consumption of their sugary drinks, but attempting to promote a decrease in obesity. Budweiser recently made a hypocritical commercial that aired on Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast that spoke negatively towards craft beers like “Pumpkin peach ale” makers, though Anheuser bought a Seattle brewing company that makes a version of the pumpkin peach ale. They even went on to say their beer is, “brewed for drinking, not dissecting” which in turn is saying if you can drink our beer fast enough without tasting it the better. Commercials like these that attempt to diminish other companies but fail and berate themselves, are not ones worth making. In general, many commercials are hypocritical by attempting to promote one thing when the product promotes the opposite. Some have done it successfully by grabbing the consumer’s attention with the abnormality of the content displayed.

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Smore Number 6 is it Worth the Fix?

With the huge case involving the FBI and Apple Incorporated, the question comes to mind of what is more important, freedom or security? The FBI has possession of the San Bernardino killer’s phone, but is unable to view the content withheld inside without Apple creating a “backdoor” into the device to recover the information. This software becomes very dangerous if put in the wrong hands allowing anyone to hack into the I-Phone if you have physical possession of it. Apple has the right to not create this software with customers in mind, because by creating it, would in turn threaten the security of the customers. This would allow the government to continue to advance the technology and soon be able to use location services and access our cameras on our phones. Though the government says they would not allow the software to be leaked and only to be used on this phone, is the government to be trusted? If a similar case was to come around, we all know the FBI wouldn’t think twice before using the software again. With that the software would become even more common creating a greater chance of a leak of the software. All and all, is it worth the risk of your freedom and person security for one phone?

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Smore Number 7

With the quote given, “The only way to prepare for peace is to be prepared for war.” At first preparing for war and preparing for peace seem like two things that wouldn’t go together but once you think about it, it makes sense. By preparing for war you are building up your protection. This doesn’t mea war is the key, but the power from preparation can scare the enemy off, and result in peace. If your country is weak and has no protection, lesser powers are more likely to attack. Leading to war, so if all the world’s militaries were to vanish, people would rise to power and start a revolution of war if there is no one to stop them. It would happen multiple places in the world cause people are always power hungry. With all this said I agree with this quote and this is being carried out today b the US. We have our military to prepare for the worst but hope for peace. This carries on to even smaller scales. If there was someone breaking into your house you would pull a weapon. This is just a threat and a warning to leave, but if it was ignored then the treat would turn into “war” but the objective is to end with peace, the gun represents the message of strength that the military gives off.

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Smore Number 8 Get it Straight

After reading the back stories of the candidate’s quotes, I learned many of the things they are say are false. It appears that sometimes they are pulling the quotes out of a hat but the thing is the majority of the voters aren’t going to go search up if what they hear is true or false. So the candidates escape with false claims and many of their voters believe what they hear. The media and news give some facts and tell us when some of the candidates lie, but even news channels are bias being that some are republican based and some are democratic based. We can’t rely on the media to supply us with all facts of the candidate’s comments, but they do help. The problem with not looking up the truth is we then start to believe the lies and we are sucked into a false reality. For example, many of the things Donald Trump has said at rallies and debates aren’t accurate, but many of his supporters believe him thinking he wouldn’t lie to millions of Americans if he is trying to gain their trust. That is exactly what he wants, because he is not accurate with what he says or does, but Americans don’t care enough to fact check him so he gets away with it.

Smore Number 9 Ain't Rebellion Fine

Support and passion are the two most important things for a powerful rebellion. The subject at hand must be talked about and be loud enough for the crowds to continue to join the rebellion. A relatable subject is the quickest to spread, because if it is common to the regular man, more and more people are likely to feel the necessary passion. This passion is what creates leaders and fires up the followers creating a powerful rebellion. The American Revolution was a powerful rebellion because Americans all had things in common. They were ruled by Great Britain a country 2000 miles away. This made them a homogenous group leading to a large band of brothers that fought for their beliefs. Their passion and large support led to a successful history making rebellion.

What inspired the Americans to band together was the tough taxations Great Britain was placing on the goods and services, the recent Intolerable Acts placed upon the colonists that included the Quartering act that meant all colonists must allow open doors to any British soldiers. This enticed the colonists most, and lead to the great rebellion. They wanted to be able to govern themselves and not be led by the monarch. The beginning of the rebellion was April 19, 1775 also the same day of the shot heard around the world. This was the day Paul Revere had to ride around the country side to warn of the British minutemen coming to stamp out the resistance in Lexington and Concord.

John Locke had a theory of natural rights and over 80% of the population believed in his theory that included that rebellion against the government is natural if everyone is against it. This large support from the colonies was how they were fired up. This was a common topic and word of mouth is what gained the participants leading to the rebellion.

The black lives matter uprising is becoming especially strong in the United States leading to many peaceful marches in cities all across America asking for equality from police officers and all. Usually after any black murders by cops, the uprising becomes greater and is spread through the media on TV and social media online. Though we have already passed the laws for equality of all, it is evident that is not the case in our society. Change is all they are asking for, but sometimes they don’t have the greatest methods to get the change they want including violent riots in Baltimore.

Smore Number 10 The Government Wins Again

Edward Snowden worked for the NSA and was allowed access to top-secret information. He used his level of intelligence to turn against the government and reveal the truth to the people of America. He collected documents and important information that revealed the secret methods the NSA uses to spy on the American people. He then flew to China where he was out of USA jurisdiction and met with British journalist and movie producer where he began to leak the information and make the public world know the truth about the surveillance methods by the NSA.

Some call Snowden a hero while others call him a trader and a threat to national security. He didn’t do this for himself. He doesn’t want to be the spotlight focused on. Snowden did what he did to inform the American people of the NSA methods that are invasions of privacy. That is a strong similarity between Snowden and Winston, except Winston fears the consequences more than Snowden having no place to run with big brother watching every move he makes.

Winston knows he could gain supporters, but he fears being unable to start a revolution before big brother catches on and ends is entire plan. He is now stuck with the ideas in his own head, but is unable to spread it with any and everyone have the possibility of being thought police. For example, he thinks O’brien is his friend, but will he regret telling O’brien. The chance of O’brien being the thought police is a risk Winston has already taken and it is a make and break problem.

Smore Number 11 is Technology from Heaven

Over the last fifty years, technology has advanced exponentially. This isn’t technically sent from heaven but it is a concept worth admiring. The advancement in technology has changed the world and has sped up our world's ideas. The new technology has allowed us to explore places we once weren't able to while also being able to solve problems that were once a major danger to us including disease and global environmental issues. Though the technology we have today would seem like a dream 100 years ago, it isn't a miracle, but a representation of our advanced ingenuity.

Smore Number 12 Freedom vs. Happiness

Over the span of human existence mankind has had to weigh their wants for freedom and happiness. The difference between the two is with pure freedom, we have no governmental assistant and are all on our own. That is possible for those who are self sustainable, but over time, we as a race have begun to lean more and more on the governments aid to help make life run smoothly. To many this brings happiness, but you are giving away a part of your privacy by allowing the government to put limits on what you do. Happiness isn’t always about being 100% on your own and without any watching eyes, but privacy is an important quality many people want. To avoid the watching eyes or big brother, you have to make a choice of what you see as more important for your life. I agree with Winston in his society of Oceania with the over dominate Big Brother, but disagree with Winston in our society because at least in the United States, our Government brings happiness through protection and order providing roads, the military, an public services including water, electricity, and public facilities.

Smore 13

Gaslighting is a form of lying that is so powerful people begin to believe it even past the proof of it being false. One strong example of gas lighting as exemplified in the article is Donald Trump. He has used gaslighting in many cases like saying there has been no violence at his rally’s even when there are hundreds of videos of violent protests. People in our country have been naive enough to believe Trumps statements, leading to him being able to brain wash our citizens into his false lies. It has become so popular in America, you are able to get away with gaslighting as long as you are able to turn the argument against your accuser when they are coming at you. The only way we can hold them accountable for what they say, is through masses. It takes a group to make the truth, not single individuals the fight the gaslighter. Hillary Clinton is another example of gaslighting through her private email scandal and the things she says about Bernie Sanders. Hillary attempted to lie hard enough and denied everything to where she was left alone, but enough people cared for the truth, the truth was revealed and she was hit with the nationwide spotlight.

Smore 13 Can we Autocorrect Humainty

“We can not auto-correct, we must do it ourselves,” is what Prince Ea believes and is the truth, but this technology has reached a point in our society that people have become so dependent on their devices that there is nothing we can do to ensure this doesn’t become a part of permanent reality. It’s a hard concept to consider yourself, but if you don’t use social media or are in constant contact with others via the internet, you won’t learn about everything that is going on in others life, opening up a tunnel to allow for conversation and ending all the dinners without conversation. There will be gossip to be spread and news to be learned in the natural, in person social way. This is the right way to be social. Enjoying life with others and not by yourself with your online “friends” that only decrease your confidence when you explore their pages filled with only their happy moments making their life look perfect on screen while you are suffering alone with no one truly to share your feelings with.

Social media addiction has become a rising problem in America with more and more people being treated for the addiction, even though it hasn’t been considered a disease. This addiction is a controllable addiction, but to avoid it, you cant be afraid to leave your comfort zone and stop looking down at your I-Phone and lookup at the beautiful world that has fallen before us and enjoy it for what it deserves.

This is a difficult topic that could easily become a ten page essay, but it makes it even harder when to share this video and make it visible to the people in trouble, we have to be hypocrites and do exactly the problem at hand and post and share and keep looking at our screens. To turn this idea into something meaningful, you can’t wait for others or you might wait a lifetime. You have to push on and hope others will follow behind, but move on and set an example and turn that phone off. Be the person who is social in person and not hiding behind a screen. Be the person who we all want to know and love life through all 5 of your senses.

Smore Reflection

From this class, i have discovered the true meaning of media literacy. Its not all about the breaking apart of the piece of writing in its literacy meaning. Its more about the meaning that isn’t put in the words but is only understood if you know the back story. For example in the recent satire pieces we have read ridiculous articles that are no way true but have a second meaning that the piece expresses an opinion on the second meaning. From this class I learned its important to keep up with current events including politics so you are all knowing and not out of the loop. The more you know the easier social interactions are and that is what Media Literacy is all about. Showing you how to use the internet for good but not poison yourself with excess online interactions. What was different about this class was that we focused more on the present and our society and how we interact with literary pieces, while other classes focus on the past and reminisce on old works. The thing that could have made this class better was no 1984 journals, because those were a pain to do for the few i actually did.