Family Traditions

Michael Harry A4

Game Night

Every now and then, my family will have a mandatory game night. My mom, dad, younger brother, younger sister, grandparents, and I all attend. Sometimes, when they are in town, my Aunts and Uncles will also attend. The games we play differ but usually we play Apples to Apples, Dominoes, or some form of card game

Buccaneers Game

This is a relatively new tradition, starting last year. The boys in the family are going to go to one Buccaneers football game every year because it is my brother and I's favorite NFL team and my dad just likes to go to NFL games. This is a tradition I want to continue with my family, maybe for a different team or sport though.

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Getting wood for Winter

Before every Winter, my Dad and I will get my Grandpa's truck and go buy wood for Winter to burn in the fireplace.

Picking out a Christmas Tree

As a family, we will go out to the Christmas Tree ranch and pick one out and then spend that whole night decorating it. By the end I am normally very bored but the tree always looks great

Making a Snowman

After a big snow, me and my siblings usually will make a snowman. It isn't usually that good looking of a snowman but it is a snowman nonetheless. After, we have a snowball fight or make snow angels.

Going To Florida

Every other year, we go to Florida with the Simpkins and Nudings. This is always a fun trip because I get to go on vacation with people my age and we can do stuff on our own instead of always being stuck with family. This is a tradition i want to continue when I am an adult because it would be fun to go somewhere with other families.

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Going To Colorado

Every other year (the year we don't go to Florida), we go to Colorado with my Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles. This is also a fun trip because I get to see my whole family who I don't normally see which is exciting.

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Values: Value relates to these traditions because a tradition is all about family or friends, which is a value.

Beliefs: Beliefs relates to these traditions because we celebrate Christmas and Christianity is a belief.

Norms: Norms relate to these traditions because a tradition is a norm in a family.