To help you better understand the court system and process you are about to undergo, we have listed some of the terms you will hear frequently

The terms are below.

Plaintiff: is the party or parties that flies a complaint
Defendant: is the person who the complaint was flied on

Complaint: is the person who applies to the courts for legal relief by filing a complaint

Summons: is a court order that requires the defendant to appear in court and answer the complaint

Pleadings: is the paperwork that is filed with the court to respond to a lawsuit

Pretrial conference: is a conference that a witness is required to attend. This allows the witness to discuss the case

Mediation: is the intervention in a argument in order to resolve it

Arbitration: is when parties can choose a third party to listen and help decide the dispute
is the examination of a problem before it goes to court, if the case happens to be a criminal case then the defendant has to be proven guilty. This can take place in front of a judge and a jury or just a judge

Prepondenerance of evidence:

Verdict: is the decision of a court

Appeal: is when a case is carried to a higher court to see if the decison made in a lower court be changed or dropped