Media Monday - Vol. 32

Pebble Go and Pebble Go Next (NEW!)

Pebble Go (K-2) and Introducing Pebble Go Next (3-5)

Pebble Go and Pebble Go Next are Jeter purchased databases with tons of information both for teachers and students. They are set up in an easy to use format with read aloud options, citations, videos, activities, critical thinking prompts, and more! They are great for instructional purposes on the Promethean board. I am working on getting them added back to your desktop but until then go to the following websites and use the same username and password we use for all of our eBooks!
UN: djlib1
PW: read123

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Pebble Go for Grades K-2nd

This database features tabbed easy to read/use sections on the following topics with tons of information, audio, video, activities, related articles and more:


Earth and Space


Social Studies

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Pebble Go Next - NEW - for Grades 3-5

This database is filled with tons of social studies information on States and Native Americans including graphs, timelines, audio, video, activities. games, citations, related articles, critical thinking questions, and more!