Introducing Arbonne!

Pure Safe Beneficial: skincare, cosmetics, nutrition

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A little about me

I started my Arbonne business a year and a half ago. Prior to joining, I had exhausted myself looking for a stay at home job where I could be home with my two kids over the summer. The problem was there aren’t many jobs out there that let you make your own schedule and where you aren’t sitting in front of a computer or in an office all day. I remembered hearing how successful my friend Ashley was at this business and how she has not only gotten to stay home with her daughter, but is also on her way to earning a Mercedes with the company after only a short amount of time! In the midst of my jealous moment, I decided to ask her how is she doing this? After speaking with her and my family, I decided to go all in and became a District Manager four months in! Since starting my Arbonne business, I am very proud to say I have not only met my goal of being able to enjoy the summers at home with my kids, but have also had the opportunity to work with so many inspiring successful people, helped to change others’ lives (through our products and opportunity), earned free trips and jewelry, and had ownership of my very own business.

Anything you purchase through me will support my business and my family, for which I am truly grateful for every one of you.

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Before and Afters from our 30 Days to and Beyond Program

New Product Videos

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Everyone loves sales!! The great thing about Arbonne is you can receive a sale of 20% OFF on EVERY ORDER when you sign up as a Preferred Client!! This program is only $20. You will receive a complimentary product up to $50 when you spend $150 on your first order, plus the 20% off. There are also 40% OFF specials you can view once signing up (seen below). To take advantage of this amazing deal, go to Join Arbonne, Preferred Client, Sign Up.

Want to save EVEN MORE?? Host a party with me and receive a HUGE discount of 50-80% OFF!!

How to place an order

Go to Put your preferred products in the shopping cart. IMPORTANT, it will ask you were you invited to a group presentation and would you like to place an order. Hit YES and then find host and type in Patti Holmes.

Thank you so much for your support. Do not hesitate to contact me for more details or questions/recommendations.