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April 21, 2023 - Issue No. 30

Inspire, Create and Grow a Community of Lifelong Learners


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Happy Friday SRES Families!

A huge thank you to Vermont Academy for inviting us to join them for their Earth Day celebration Thursday afternoon! As you can see in the photos within this newsletter, our students had a terrific time. Ask your student what they learned at the river table or if they powered the smoothie machine!

Our 4th grade class did a terrific job leading our All School Meeting this morning. We learned about their Wax Museum project and the person they chose to research, and they taught a new activity-Gone Camping! Ask your student how to play (HINT: walk, campfire, tent, s'more)!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! On Friday, April 28th, Cliff Sunflower will be here to share his knowledge about honey bees! Following an all-school presentation, there will be workshops with stations that need volunteer support.

  • 8:25-9:10: Presentation (household family members are welcome!)
  • 9:10-3pm: Volunteers (looking for 6) are needed
  • PLEASE contact me by Wednesday, April 26th if you are able to volunteer (we will need you to complete a Consent for Release of Registry Information form).

Important dates:

  • April 25th: Relocation drill (we will walk to one of our relocation sites as part of our required safety drills)
  • Weeks of May 8th and 15th: VT CAP (new VT State assessment) for 3rd/4th grade
  • May 10th: Early Release
  • SAVE THE DATE: May 25th...BOOK BINGO! (an evening Title I family engagement event)

Have a lovely weekend!

Your partner in education,

Laura Hazard

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From Superintendent Haas: A correction on the current last day of school. The last student day is JUNE 22nd, 2023, and will be updated as needed

Spring/Summer P-EBT Information

Vermont will be issuing a final round of Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefits for Summer 2023. All students at our school qualify for a Summer P-EBT benefit of $120 per student. This is because of the way that we are offering free school meals to all students this year.

The benefit will be sent to the head of household and mailing address that we have on file for your student. If you have moved or need to update the head of household, please let us know by Wednesday, May 10th. To make changes, please contact:

Sara Wunderle - - 802-869-2637

These benefits will be sent out by mid-August. If your student missed school for a COVID-related reason between February 2023 and May 11, 2023, you will receive benefits for those days at the same time.

Please see Frequently‐Asked Questions (FAQs) About School Pandemic EBT (P‐EBT) for more information. If you need to request a new card or have more questions about P-EBT, visit or call 1‐800‐479‐6151, option 7.

SRES After-School Transportation Change

Dear Saxtons River After-School Program Households,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be no bus for the After-School Program(ASP) at SRES for the remainder of the school year. We understand this may be a burden for some of our families and may impact some students' ability to attend. The ASP bus will not run beginning Monday, April 24. As a result, ASP families will need to arrange a pick-up option at the school.

We will be extending pick-up time from 4:45 pm to 5:00 pm to accommodate those pick-ups.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are an After-School Program family impacted by transportation change, please contact Tina White (, the SRES ASP Site Coordinator) to confirm your family’s pick-up arrangements for 4/24 to the end of the school year.

If you have any ASP questions or concerns please contact Sarah Doran ( , the WNESU Director of After-School Programs. )


Mrs. Stephanie Fuller

Nurse Jenn and I are continuing the Second Step Child Protection Unit in all classrooms during SEL class. Students have learned the 8 Never Never Rules, 3 R's for staying safe (Recognize, Refuse, Report) and most classes have learned to identify the difference between safe and unsafe touches and unwanted touch. Students practiced using an assertive voice to refuse unsafe and unwanted touches to a variety of scenarios.

Lunch Bunch!

Second graders just finished their second turn at lunch bunch in my office! While eating lunch we practice our manners and conversation skills. After lunch, students have 5-10 minutes to play together before joining their class for recess. Here are some pictures of 2nd graders enjoying time in my office after eating their lunch.



Your child should stay home when:

  • They have a fever
  • They are vomiting
  • They have diarrhea
  • They have COVID-19
  • Temperature is 100.4 or higher
  • Vomiting within the last 24 hours
  • Diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • When they test positive

Your child can return when:

  • They are fever free for 24 hours without the use of a fever reducer.
  • They are free from vomiting for at least 24 hours.
  • They are free from diarrhea for at least 24 hours.
  • They have completed a 5 day quarantine and they are fever free for 24 hours and symptoms have improved.

Free Dental Day


May 12, 2023

8:00-3:00 pm

Bowman Dental is offering free dental services. Please visit their website for more information!


Mrs. April Putnam

Our week back from vacation has been a busy one! We have been working on finishing our Frog Unit and moving on to our Plant Unit.

In Math we are working on subtraction. Kindergarteners have been working on identifying whole and part in a subtraction equation. They have also been learning names of 3D shapes and identifying them.

In ELA we have been continuing our Reading Groups. It is wonderful to see how these Kindergarteners have grown as readers! We are also working on a writing project. They have enjoyed working on writing and coming up with their own sentences.

Before break we got to watch out our window as a tree company took down trees on the bank by the school. The entire class watched as the crew worked.

Please remember water bottles with the weather beginning to warm up, it will be important that they have water at their tables.

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Mrs. Jillian White

Reading: During Reader’s Workshop time we have been reading poetry books, such as “Mud” by Mary Lyn Ray and “Puddles” by Jonathan London, to celebrate National Poetry Month. We discussed how the words in the poem can make us use our senses or feelings to visualize what is happening in the poem.

Fundations: In Fundations time, we have been learning about vowel-consonant-e patterns. We have been learning how when we see “silent e” or “magic e” at the end of the word it makes the vowel say their name. (e.g. lake, spoke, bike). Ask your first grade to spy magic e words in their reading and writing!

Math: The first graders have been working on decomposing numbers within 100 to begin our adding and subtracting two-digit numbers with place value. We made 100 bead number strings, explored with ten frames and base 10 blocks how to build 2-digit numbers within 100. We learned new games during our math menu time such as “Race to the Top: How Many Tens?”, “Drop It Sticks”, and “Adding Tens” to help us practice these skills.

Writing: Students have been continuing to work on opinion writing. We wrote about the topic “Which is your favorite season?” and worked on sharing our opinion as a topic statement and stating at least three reasons to support our opinion. Next we will be working on adding a conclusion to our opinion writing pieces.

Social Studies: During our social studies time, we have been learning about goods and services. We continued to talk about goods and services in our own community and about consumers and producers. Ask your first grader what a consumer or producer is! Save the date for our First Grade Marketplace which will be held on Tuesday, May 9th from 2-2:30! We will be sending home invitations soon!


Ms. Jennifer Herman


  • Second Grade Readers started to dig into poetry. They are practicing visualizing as they read poems, as well as understanding how comparisons can help readers visualize.


  • These writers are learning how to be poets. They are practicing to use their “poet glasses” to look at objects in different ways and use describing words to write poems about the objects.


  • Second graders learned three new suffixes: -ly, -ty, -y. They are practicing reading and spelling words with these suffixes.


  • Second Grade Mathematicians learned how to use an open number line to add and subtract large numbers. They also started learning how to use standard and nonstandard units of measurement to measure the length of different objects.


  • Just in time for Earth Day, second graders are learning about what plants need to grow and survive. They started an experiment with seeds donated from Food Connects to see if they will grow without sunlight. The students will grow their own seeds and get a chance to learn the process of how a seed turns into a plant.




Ms. Bethany Williams

Math: The third graders have begun to study fractions. They have learned that fractions are a part of a whole. To learn this skill, they created “Pizzas” from paper plates to find out what ½, ¼, and ⅛ look like in relation to the whole plate.

Reading: The third graders have continued to study R-controlled vowel sounds and how vowel sounds change when followed by the letter “R.” They have also started to practice how to take standardized tests.

Writing: The third grade students continued to work on their fantasy stories. They worked with partners to practice their peer editing skills.

Social Studies: The students have started a unit learning how Native Americans migrated to where they are today. After studying migration, the third graders will focus on the Abenaki past and present.


Mrs. Jaimie Douglass

  • We have had a busy week! We created our yearbook pages, cited memories from the school year, finished our wax museum project, visited Vermont Academy for Earth Day, and led the All School Meeting. We also had a visit from Stan Rumrill (BFMS band teacher) who introduced instruments and the beginning band!

  • In math we continue expanding our learning of fractions. We can decompose fractions into their unit parts, add and subtract fractions with like denominators, build tape diagrams and numbers bonds, order fractions by comparing to 0, ½, and 1 whole, and explain equivalency. Next up will be simplifying and changing fractions to mixed numbers.

  • In our reader’s workshop we continue to build comprehension using a variety of texts. We have incorporated our study of the American Revolution into much of our reading and are building our vocabulary. We have also worked on spelling patterns using the doubling rule when adding affixes.

  • In writing we have wrapped up our work on our Wax Museum Projects. Thursday and Friday was spent recording speeches and adding finished touches to our posters. We shared our posters at our class-led All School Meeting this morning. We can’t wait to share them with families Monday afternoon!

  • Our learning about the American Revolution has continued! We are creating books to show important events and people. We will be discussing the Vermont Government next week before our first field trip of the year to Montpelier where we will visit the Vermont State House and the Vermont History Museum! More information and permission slips will be coming home Monday!

Upcoming Date(s):

  • Monday, April 24th at 2:15: Wax Museum Presentation in the multi-purpose room (See you there)!

  • Wednesday, May 3rd: 4th grade visits Montpelier.

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The Self-Extending System - When your child says: “I can do it myself/independently”

The goal of every teacher and particularly every interventionist teacher is to support a child’s development of their ‘self-extending system’. The self-extending system is a system where a child has developed a set of skills, tools and strategies to support his/her ability to learn in the material taught without a significant amount of reteaching. In addition, the child is able to apply these skills to new situations in their learning.

It can be challenging for a student who struggles to learn to become more independent in his/her learning for they may lack confidence in certain skills areas and often look for the support of their teacher more readily. Because of this, very carefully planned and orchestrated instruction is key. Teachers and interventionists work hard to teach new skills in a scaffolded approach. This scaffolding supports students’ learning, while encouraging the students not to solely rely on teacher prompting and support to maintain and/or use these skills. This can be the most difficult part of intervention... Making sure our students are developing the ability, flexibility and confidence to use what they have learned in intervention classes in other classes and situations throughout their day. That is why a self-extending system is so important!

Some key characteristics of a self-extending system are when the child:

  • Monitors his/her own reading and writing

  • Searches for cues and phonetic or morphemic parts of words to decode unknown words

  • Discusses new information within him/herself and others

  • Notices how new information/skills connect with other information/skills previously learned

  • Self-corrects and takes the initiative to making their work right

  • Solves new problems (Or attempts to solve): words, math equations, questions etc. using the skills and strategies they have learned independently


Ms. Dianne Clouet

The Scholastic Book Fair returns to Saxtons River Elementary School in one month! Students get very excited about the yearly book fair each year. There will be a special family night for shopping at the book fair on Thursday 5/25/23, with other fun family literacy activities and prizes that night. Stay tuned for more details!

Want to learn about setting up an e-wallet for easy book fair payment?

Click here to visit the homepage for the fair:

You can also scan this free UR code with your phone to view books that will be available, as well as other information:

Feel free to reach out to me with any Book Fair (or library!) questions! 📖 📚

In other library news:

During the visit to Vermont Academy on Thursday 4/20 to celebrate Earth Day, most SRES classes saw beautiful fairy houses on the campus. Today I read a follow up book called Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane to continue the magic. The epilogue included ideas for children to build fairy houses, and we had great discussions about natural materials on the SRES playground the students could use if they wanted to build their own.


Mr. Benjamin Pickard

Students worked on gaining and perfecting jump rope skills recently. We started out slowly, by jumping over a rope that is flat on the ground. We then moved on to jumping while propelling ourselves both forwards and backwards, eventually trying to jump rope on our own. Jumping rope is a fantastic exercise, and can be done almost anywhere. See the students in these picture starting to work on their jumping skills!
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Mrs. Alisa Daigneault

Thank you again, to all of you, for your support and participation in our All School Spring Concert and Art Show! It was a wonderful night. I am impressed and inspired by our students every day. The concert certainly made them shine!

Kindergarten, First and Second Grades are beginning their last unit of the year in our First Steps In Music Curriculum. Be on the lookout for new songs coming your way!

Third and Fourth Grades are just starting to play the ukuleles. This is very exciting! Third Grade will learn how to hold the ukulele and begin strumming patterns. Fourth Grade, who began playing last year, will begin reviewing playing technique, strumming and the chords they previously learned. Both classes will continue folk dancing and singing spring songs.

I look forward to the rest of our year together!

Mrs. Daigneault, Music Educator

Pictures are of Scruffy and Poppy cheering on our students and Kindergarten doing a warm up called "Two Little Puppets" with our big bear and tiny monkey!


Mr. Jay Palmisano


We have begun exploring turning the alphabet into monsters! Inspired by "the Monster Project" which is a site showcasing student's created monsters redesigned by professional artists from around the world! The link is below. These artists have begun creating their own monsters using a letter from the alphabet.

First Grade

We are creating a mixed media lion using our drawing, painting, and collage skills! We read the book In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb by Marion Dane Bauer. After reading our book we began this project by drawing the lion and lambs face to use for next class!

Third Grade

These artists began reading the book, The Fantastic Jungles of Henry Rousseau by Michelle Markel to learn about the life of Henry Rousseau. We learned how he was a self-taught painter from France who started painting at the age of 40. Inspired by his artistic life and style, we are creating our own fantastic jungles! We began by painting shades and tints of green for our jungles and are now working on drawing animals to live within our jungle!

After School Program

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Israel Cavanagh, was brought on to work at Saxtons River Elementary Schools After School Programs to work with ASP students on a musical theater dance. Over the past six weeks the SRES ASP students have had fun learning and practicing foundational jazz dance steps which consist of passe, grand battements, chasse, ball changes, pivot turns, kick ball changes, chaine turns, jazz squares, pas de bourree, ponies, step drags, and pique turns.

SRES ASP students will perform Through The Looking Glass, by the original Broadway cast of Wonderland. Performances will take place on Thursday, April 27th at 2:45 pm (for the SRES students & teachers) and 4:30 pm (for the SRES ASP families and friends) at the multipurpose room at Saxtons River Elementary School.

Israel Cavanagh is a dance teacher with seven years of experience teaching a variety of styles of dance to all ages at Green Mountain Camp for Girls, with World Under Wonder Theater, and in various public schools in Vermont and Massachusetts. She has also choreographed work for community projects including Elegies for Angels, Punks, and Raging Queens (2016), and Beauty and the Beast (2019). In addition, Israel has a total of twenty five years of technical dance training, having performed in numerous shows at Bridgewater State University while earning a Bachelor's degree in dance education, before taking a break to intern with the Walt Disney Company at their Florida theme park and pursue auditions with the company. Israel specializes in tap and jazz styles, including both theater and street jazz, and regularly spends her time reading about new research and techniques in dance regarding teaching practices and stylistic trends. When not dancing, Israel can be found reading or crafting with UV resin.

Session 5 ASP Club Offerings

Session 5 for SRES's After School Program will begin Monday May 1, 2023.

We will be offering the following clubs:

Monday - Gardening Club: We will explore soil, germinate veggie plants, transplant plants into SRES garden,learn how plants grow and what plants need to grow.

Tuesday - Woodworking Club: Meghan Greene from Truly Wooden will be joining us to teach ASP students about wooden crafts. Each student will complete a wooden craft throughout the 7 weeks Truly Wooden is with us.

Wednesday - Keeping Memories Club: Each student will make a scrapbook/memory book with pictures we have collected throughout the year in ASP.

Thursday - Grafton Nature Museum Club: The Grafton Nature Museum will bring some great outdoor activities to share with us.

Friday - Board Game/outdoor games Club: During this club students will have the opportunity to play board games or join in on an outdoor game/ activity.

Please let me know if there will be any change in the days your student will be attending ASP.

Thank you,

Tina White


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