Mak(er) Take Space

You can make or take (to make later) any of these items.

Mak(er) Take Mondays

Listen for the announcements because this is coming soon in the library. You might also find a few projects already set up in the library. Simpler projects are located next to Mrs. Garza's classroom #106. Check the bulletin board for details and supplies.

Coloring Pages

Color to your heart's content, but these are definitely NOT your kiddie coloring pages. Please be respectful of others and take only one. You color it, you keep it. They look great in your locker, front cover of your binder, or in a frame.

Swedish Woven Hearts

Take a template. Take two strips of paper, contrasting colors are best. Fold each strip in half. Trim the template. Line up the straight edge of the template along the FOLDED edge of the paper. The curve should be facing the top OPENED end of the paper. Trim the paper to match the template. Cut along the bold vertical lines. Use the template again on the second strip of paper. This time, you will trace the cut vertical lines of the template onto the paper. Weave in the folds, instead of over and under. It gets tight toward the end. Be patient. You can figure it out.
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How to make a woven heart for Valentine's Day


Sometimes, there's nothing like a real, hand-made card to show your heartfelt sentiments to a family member, bff, bf/gf, or even a teacher. Take only what you need to make your own card, but please consider that others will want to make one too. Create your own poem for the cover or inside greeting or use inspiration from the poetry books available. Don't forget to acknowledge the original author because plagiarism is just plain rude.

Ms. Fuentes, CTMS Librarian

Mrs. Garza, Teacher 6th ELA

Mr. Vasquez, CTMS IT

Mak(er) Take Space Project Suggestions

If you have ideas for monthly themed projects, please contact Ms. Fuentes, Mrs. Garza, or Mr. Vasquez