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March 13, 2022

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Students may wear a school appropriate green shirt and accessories for St. Patrick's Day on 3/17.

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Rally on the Green Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Don't miss the Foundation's largest fundraiser...RALLY ON THE GREEN Golf Tournament

Saturday, April 9th

Cape Royal Golf Club

$129 per adult golfer at 18 Hole Course

$129 for adult/child golfers at 9 Hole Course

Register Online at https://www.capecharterfoundation.com/rallycheckout


$75 for Hole Sponsors at Tropical Breeze during Pre-Rally Par-Tee.

$150 for Hole Sponsors at both Tropical Breeze & Cape Royal!

Get more info at https://www.capecharterfoundation.com/sponsorshipopportunities


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Congratulations to our Lighthouse Winners, Virginia Tann and Melanie Klages, and our Lighthouse Nominees: Jennifer Brown and Gena Feury!

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Survey Finds Charter School Teachers Engaged More Students During the Pandemic

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES), an independent research arm of the U.S. Department of Education, recently released findings based on the 2020-21 National Teacher and Principal Survey. IES surveyed more than 68,000 public school teachers from district and charter schools. The questions focused on how schools responded to the pandemic.

The results? Teachers in charter schools reported interacting with their students at higher rates than teachers in district schools, felt more supported than their district counterparts, were more likely to teach lessons in real-time, provide small group support, schedule one-on-one instruction, and hold both scheduled and unscheduled “office hours.” READ MORE

To access a copy of the Institute of Education Sciences’ report, CLICK HERE.

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Although we were not able to have our yearly Watch Dogs Parent Meeting, we would still like to have the opportunity for our dads and other male adult role models to volunteer for the day. If you are interested, please view this presentation. If you would like to find a date, please complete this sign up sheet.
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Mark Your Calendar: Important Oasis Elementary South Dates

3/17 Last Day of 3rd Quarter

3/18 Professional Duty Day No School For Students

3/21-3/25 Spring Break No School

4/4 FSA Writing 4th and 5th grade

4/5 and 4/6 FSA ELA 3rd grade

Recess Equipment

For safety reasons, only foam or Nerf type balls are permitted. This includes footballs, soccer balls, etc. Students who bring in non-foam balls will not be able to use them at school.

We only accept check/money orders for lost library books.



In order to qualify to vote, all students should have an up to date and completed SSYRA Reading Log submitted to Mrs. Gamboa.

SSYRA JR (K-2): Students must have read and tested, earning 70% or higher on 8 SSYRA JR

SSYRA (grades 3-5): Students must have read and tested, earning 70% or higher on 8 SSYRA


The deadline for reading the SSYRA books has been extended to Friday, April 1st. It is the student’s responsibility to advise Mrs. Gamboa by 4:00 p.m. on April 1, if they have read and earn 70% or higher on each AR test by 4:00 p.m. on April 1st. If there are more than 6 3rd -5th students who reach this milestone, the following week, a test will be given to all potential contestants and the top 6 scoring students will represent our school at the Lee County Book Battle on May 20th. They must commit to practicing as a team 2 times a week for 4 weeks before the competition.

If your child is interested in participating in this process, please encourage them to read these books. Again, they must earn a 70% or higher on each of the AR tests. They are allowed to retake one test only after they test on the others.


The Library sponsors this colorful reading adventure where students are engaged in a variety of genres and subjects as they fill each card. The first of THE 6 Rainbow Reading cards (red) was sent home in August. As students return each rainbow card, they will spin the prize wheel and receive a prize and the next card in the rainbow. The goal is to reach PURPLE and become a member of the Purple People Club. These books can be read by the child or as a family. Family Reading time is very important for children as they develop their reading skills. If a replacement red card is needed, please email: rhonda.gamboa@capecharterschools.org

2021-2022 SSYRA Jr. Book List

The One and Only Dylan St. Claire by Kamen Edwards

The Yawns are Coming by Christopher Eliopoulous

The Barnabus Project by Fan Brothers

How to be a Pirate by Issac Fitzgerald

Federico and the Wolf by Rebecca J. Gomez

Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea by Meena Harris

Fussy Flamingo by Shelley Vaughan James

You Matter by Christian Robinson

Roy Digs Dirt by David Shannon

Unicorns are the Worst by Alex Willan

The Shark Report by Derek Anderson

Puppy Problems by Paige Braddock

See the Cat by David LaRochelle

Geeger the Robot by Jarrett Lerner

Ready for School by Bob McMahon


SORA – Oasis eBook Collection

Oasis Elementary South has their own eBook collection – SORA, containing this year’s SSYRA Jr. and SSYRA books, last year’s state nominated books, and other titles. All children will have access to this collection by using their school Gmail address and password (your child’s teacher will provide). You can download this app on a device, or go to http://soraapp.com/library/oesfl

Personal Devices

Students are not permitted to use personal electronic devices (including cell phones, smart watches and tablets, etc.) at school. Students may store their device, turned off or on silent mode, in their bookbag. At the teacher’s discretion, students may wear a smart watch, if they do not use it as an electronic device/mode of communication. Wearing of a smart watch cannot be a distraction to the student or classmates. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen devices.

PM Dismissal: Vehicles should not line up on campus prior to 3:00 pm, to allow OMS to dismiss safely.

News from PTO


Please help us earn money for our school by using digital Box Tops! Click on the following link to learn more https://www.boxtops4education.com/How-To-Earn

Helpful hints:

  1. Download the app for Box Tops.
  2. When signing up, our school is listed as Oasis Charter Elementary School
  3. If you shop online or have digital receipts, you can email those directly to receipts@boxtops4education.com. Be sure to send it from the same email account you used to setup your Box Tops account.
  4. Receipts need to be scanned/emailed within 14 days.

Thank you for all you do to support our school!

Dress Code Reminders

As we return to school, please remember that students must follow our dress code. To view the entire dress code please click here.

Below are some reminders:

Fridays are spirit days, not a no uniform day. Jeans or jean shorts are permitted with a school polo or school t-shirt. No sweatpants, gym shorts, or leggings (as pants) are permitted. Jeans with holes are not permitted.

Jackets and/or sweatshirts in sapphire, navy blue, or black only with no writing on it.

The length of all shorts, skorts, skirts and jumpers MUST be longer or at the point where the end of the fingertips reaches on the leg while the child’s arms are extended straight at their side.

2022-2023 Kindergarten Wait List Information

For more information on registration for students entering Kindergarten in 2022-2023, please view the document on our OES web site, regarding necessary forms required for prospective students who will be starting Kindergarten in August 2022. This year, we will be accepting electronic applications. This form is now available in the Parent Portal, under Prospective Students on our OES web site. It is important to apply early, as we usually have a Wait List, even for those with Sibling Preferences.


When leaving campus after arrival and dismissal, please only turn right on Oasis Blvd. This helps keep the traffic flow moving.

Arrival and Dismissal

Please make sure you do not block driveways when you are waiting to enter the campus in the mornings and afternoons. We have had our neighbors reach out and say they are unable to exit their driveway, as cars are not moving because they are waiting for the car line to start.

Also, while you are navigating through our car lines on campus, please be sure you are being courteous and following the flow of traffic, and take extra care when merging or changing lanes.

Our campus can be congested at times, so we thank you for your help keeping everyone safe.

Car Line Procedures

Students will NOT be released to cars without a current school issued car tag. Parents without a car tag will be directed to park and report to the office and present a driver's license to have their child released to them.

AM DROP OFF: All car drop off is in the back. No cars may drop off in the front, near the office, as that is where our buses unload.

AM DROP OFF PROCEDURE: Vehicles should not line up until 7:50 am. Vehicles will enter at the OHS entrance. There are two lanes of traffic. (The third lane on the right is for staff, who need to drive to their parking lot). Also, as vehicles approach the drop off location, please have your child ready to depart, (shoes on, bookbag packed up, ready to unbuckle and depart). Parents should stay in their vehicle and have their car in PARK. If you are in the second lane and a staff member has not come to assist, please hold your arm out the driver's side window to alert staff that a child is still in the vehicle. For safety reasons, it is essential that students wait in their vehicles for staff to open their car door. All vehicles will remain stopped until all students have exited to the sidewalk. A staff member will signal when it is time for the lines of traffic to proceed.

PM PICK UP: K-1 and their siblings will be picked up in the front. Students in grades 2-5 will be dismissed in the back, (same as the AM Drop Off location).

PM PICK UP PROCEDURE: Cars should not line up for dismissal until after 3:00 pm. Vehicles will be directed in by our Security person at the OHS entrance to the campus and wait in line until dismissal starts at 3:30. A staff member will read the car tags as cars approach and have the cars move forward toward the pick up location. Parents should wait in their vehicle. Staff will be directing children. While students are loading, all cars should be in PARK.

Waiting in the Carline on Oasis Blvd.

Our neighbors on Oasis Blvd. have asked that if you are in line on Oasis Blvd., that you do not block driveways. It is very difficult for those who are trying to enter or exit their homes, when cars are sitting, waiting for the car line traffic to move.

Thank you for helping us to be good neighbors.

Extra Car Tag

It is our school policy for all vehicles to have a current car tag, in order to pick up students. Every student was given one car tag at Open House. If your family will need a second car tag, please complete this survey. In order to submit the survey, you will need your child's 2021-2022 teacher assignment.


If your primary residence in FOCUS is listed as 1.5 miles or less, and you would like your child to be dismissed with walkers, please complete this Walker Request. Students who do not live within 1.5 miles from school will not be able to dismiss as walkers.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal on our web site has lots of good resources. You can access our Dress Code, order shirts, familiarize yourself with our Health Policies, and find out more about our Early Dismissal procedures.


If you have to pick up your child early, email OES.dismissalchanges@oasishs.org and CC the teacher.

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Grade
  • Teacher
  • What time you are picking them up
  • Are they returning afterwards?
  • Reason

Reminder: We do not dismiss after 2:45 pm daily.

Parents of students who arrive late or are leaving early must sign their child in/out with the office. Our office staff will greet you at the door.


Email all attendance notices to: OES.Attendance@oasishs.org

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Student First and Last Name:

  • Grade:

  • Teacher:

  • Date of absence(s):

  • Parent Name:

  • Parent Cell Phone Number:

  • Reason for absence:

  • And attach any documentation you might have for the absence:

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Dress Code

Please check our Dress Code carefully before purchasing shoes and clothing for school. Students will not be permitted to wear clothing that is not within our dress code. All uniforms should have our new logos on them.

Please note: Slip on shoes are not permitted. This includes VANS style shoes.


Systemwide and Schoolwide Communication

Once again this year, we will use Parent Square as our main form of communication. We use Parent Square for weekly information, upcoming events, changes in dismissal, weather issues, COVID notices, and other pertinent information. It is vital to to be reachable through this system. It is available through email or an app.

Families who attended OES last year, will already be registered. Students who are new to OES and are not already registered in Parent Square, will receive an email invitation asking to activate the account. This email will be sent to the email you used to register, (and the email that is in FOCUS). You may need to check your junk or spam email, as it sometimes goes there.

See below for a sample of what the email will look like.

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Fortify Florida

FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.For more information on Fortify Florida, click here. There is also an app available for download. To submit a tip click here.