Friday Notes

April 16, 2021

We Did It AGAIN!

We have reached ANOTHER milestone - April break! As a school community (school + home), we continue to work together to ensure our students' learning and our teachers' instruction can continue without interruption. Thank you for your efforts and thank you for your sacrifices. And, keep up the good work!

~ Mrs. Wilson

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Back by Popular Demand!

BJAMS PTO is thrilled to announce the return of our beloved Memorial Day Plant Fundraiser! All flowers and plants come from Claussen's Greenhouse, and they are gorgeous!

Information and order form packets were sent home with your youngest student yesterday (or today if they were absent).

Order forms and payment are due by Wednesday, May 12th. Return to Mrs. Morrison in the front office (K-8) or drop off in the labeled bin in the Manosh Wing (PK).

Flowers and plants will be delivered and ready for pick-up on Friday, May 28th - just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Please reach out to Janelle Germaine at with any questions.

"I have ordered flowers for my flower beds as well as hanging baskets multiple times from this fundraiser. The flowers are beautiful and last all summer. I am never disappointed and look forward to it every year." ~ Jocelyne Lussier, a BJAMS grandparent

Emily Nordenson - Vermont State Champion!

The Vermont State Gymnastics Championships were held last weekend in Essex where Emily (Grade 7) placed 1st on bars, beam, and floor - making her the State Champion in all three categories as well as All Around Champion for Level 5, Age 13+. Not to mention, Emily also set her personal best on the vault earning 2nd place in that event. Congratulations, Emily!

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Home Health Screening Reminder

Temperature checks for K-8 students should be performed AT HOME before departing for school. We are waiting for definitive guidance regarding PK students/families.

All students and/or their families should complete an exposure and symptom screening BEFORE departing for school. Anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 (unless vaccinated) or who has COVID-19 symptoms should not come to school, and should follow Department of Health guidance regarding quarantining and testing.

Out-of-State Travel

As referenced in last week's Friday Notes, Governor Scott and Dr. Levine updated travel-quarantine-testing requirements for those who travel out-of-state.

All students who travel out-of-state must test within three days of return and provide the school with a negative PCR test.

Noah Brown - Received Confirmation!

Noah (Grade 7), a parishioner of Most Holy Name of Jesus parish, received his Confirmation at St. Joseph Cathedral in Burlington on Thursday, April 15. The Most Reverend Bishop Christopher Coyne was the celebrant (pictured with Noah). Congratulations, Noah!
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Tuition Assistance Reminder

If you applied for tuition assistance for the 2021-2022 school year, be sure to review your FACTS account today. Families must accept their assistance in FACTS to have the amount applied to next year's tuition bill.

This is what spring looks like for the Davis Family!

Girls' Lacrosse Notice

Girls' lacrosse clinics will run Fridays and Sundays 3-4 pm starting after spring break. Aimed at grades 3 - 6, but if older girls want to join just let Katie Marvin know.

The first clinic is Friday, April 30. Participants will need a stick, eye protection, and a mouth guard. If you need gear, please email Katie Marvin ahead of time - she might have extras.

There will be a few clinics for little Laxers, too! Sundays May 2, 16, 23 from 2-3 pm. This series is for K - 2nd grade, and they just need a little fiddlestick type stick. (* NO CLINICS on May 9, Mother's Day).

Be sure to send an email expressing interest and provide your contact info as soon as possible. Please note: Little Laxers is co-ed, whereas grades 3-6 Girls' lacrosse is girls only.

Please contact Katie Marvin at with any questions.

Nurse Notes

Tick-tock, check your socks! It's tick season!

We all know warmer months bring out the bugs – including ticks! Did you know Vermont has around 14 different species of ticks? Only 5 are known to bite and transmit disease to humans, and of those, 99% of the trouble lies directly with the Black-Legged Tick.

They live in wooded areas, and fields with tall grass and brush. Their favorite hosts are white-footed mice, deer mice, chipmunks, shrews, and white-tail deer. Most of us are all familiar with the dreaded Lyme disease ticks carry and transmit, but they are also responsible for Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, and Powassan Virus. Anaplasmosis is curable, but serious and sometimes fatal, symptoms tend to appear 5-21 days after a bite, and are rather like severe flu symptoms. Babesiosis symptoms appear one to four weeks after a bite, and in addition to the flu-like symptoms, it can also cause a type of anemia that can turn urine dark, and possibly cause jaundice.

Lyme is the most common, and therefore most dreaded, but only about 25% of adults, and 50% of kids, get the “bullseye” rash we hear about. Which means you may not know you have Lyme until other symptoms present themselves, such as: fever, chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle or joint aches. In the absence of the “bullseye” rash, there may be swelling of the lymph nodes.

Prevention is key! Wear protective clothing when going out and, use a spray, cream, balm, or other deterrent that helps keep pests like ticks away. Be sure to do thorough skin checks after coming back inside. If you should find a tick attached, remove it as soon as possible, as the more time it has to feast, the more time it has to infect also.

Tick removal: please do NOT use petroleum jelly, nail polish, or glue to try and suffocate it, and don’t try to set it on fire with a match! These measures may make your situation worse instead of better. Please DO use fine-tipped tweezers, needle-nose pliers, or tick-removal tool; firmly grasp the body of the tick without squishing it, as close to the skin as possible, and pull upwards and straight back in a smooth motion. You should feel a bit of a “pop” as it releases and is removed. Don’t be alarmed if bits of mouth or leg are left behind, you will be washing the area, and your hands, thoroughly with soap and water afterwards. If you want to save the tick for testing, place it in a baggie; otherwise dispose of the tick by wrapping it in tape or toilet paper and flush it. Don’t pop it with your fingers, as minute openings in your skin may actually allow pathogens from the tick to enter your body despite being removed. Advise your personal care practitioner you have been bitten, and follow any instructions given to you, which initially will be observation for symptoms, and can progress from there if necessary.

Good Day, Sunshine!

Please ensure your child has applied sunscreen before departing for school in the morning. We are spending more time outside; let's protect our skin! We encourage families to send in sunscreen (please avoid aerosols) for reapplication. Hats and sunglasses are also a great way to protect skin in the sun!


When: Sunday, May 2 at 10am-12pm

Where: BJAMS Main Entrance (outdoors)

Bring: Gently used, clean uniform items in good condition - no rips, holes, or stains - please

Take: Any uniform items that your student needs!

Coming Up Next

Apr 19-23 - April recess

May 3-7 - Terra Nova standardized testing for students in grades 1-8

May 12 - Claussen's flower order due


Totus Tuus - Summer Camp!

Totus Tuus, Vermont's largest Catholic summer program, is coming to Blessed Sacrament (Stowe) June 27-July 2! This week-long summer camp is taught by trained, Totus Tuus missionaries. From 9 am - 3 pm, students entering into grades 1-8 will learn about the Catholic faith, participate in the sacraments, and have a ton of fun all week. Then, students entering grades 9-12 are invited to attend the evening sessions from 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm. Questions about the program? Contact parish coordinator Christina DeRuzza at 253-1542 or with any questions.
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