One dead two injured in church fire

By Darrien

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Fire at the church

Ponyboy and Johnny seen people running and they turn around and see the church burning and they run and ask a guy close to the church with kids and ask what happened. But that guy said he didn't know what happened they were just looking around and seen that the church was on fire. They he counted to see how many children was there and they were missing some kids. Then ponyboy and Johnny took action and ran into the church to save the kids. Both of the kids were saved but then the two kids were still in there then a guy named Darry went to save them.

Fire at the church Continued

The Three kids were rushed to the hospital. During the ride ponyboy told the paramedic that they were the people the people who killed someone and was running to they won't get caught. After they were taken to the hospital they had found out that they were the people who killed a person and were running from the cops. After they put the fire out they looked though the church and found a dead body and they figured out it was a guy named bob.
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