The Great Depression

Brian Tidwell

start and end

  • when was the great depression started? it was started in 1929 start of world war 2

  • what caused the great depression? the stock market took a bad crash

  • what kin of effects did it have on american people? it caused lots of people to go jobless very broke and poor. people go angry because they lost there job and went broke and poor

  • president roosevelt helped alot with a very famous and helpful saying

  • how did the great depression end? armys got bigger. stores got larger and spread every where. people were able to get jobs. take care of there family and provide for there people
  • they had food lines to give people food because they couldnt afford it. lots of people slept outside were hungry 24/7

franklin d roosevelt key person in the great depression

Franklin D Roosevelt

Franklin D Roosevelt was his name. he was elected in this time of great depression. he help people in many diffrent ways. by giving very strong speeches. very famous sayings of his. it also got so bad at one point. had bread lines, soup lines for kids people, familys that couldnt eat.