K1 News!!

October 13th-16th

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Our Schedule Next Week

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Walking to the Pumpkin Patch! Please bring a sack lunch and make sure your child has their $3 to buy their own pumpkin :) Stay tuned for pictures!


Wednesday: P.E Day & Library

** wear tennis shoes!

Thursday: Art Day

Brown Day!! Please dress your child in something Brown!!

Friday: PE Day

**wear tennis shoes!

What did we learn this week?

Next Week We Will...

  • Unit: Spiders, Pumpkins
  • Letters: A and the short a sound like Alligator
  • Sight words- Have, Is, At, See
  • Review Old Words- I, am, go, to, little, is, like, a, the
  • Math: Writing numbers to 15, Counting groups of objects to 15, Counting to 25 starting at any given number, Learning Tally Marks
  • Science: Snail Exploration

Just a couple random pics from the week.

Twitter & Instagram

I LOVE taking pictures of my class!! Be sure to follow me on Twitter or Instagram @MrsMcDanielK1 if you would like to see what we are doing throughout the day!!


In order to help our students get to school on time, we are having a grade level competition! The class with the least amount of tardies at the end of the month will have a special surprise from Mr. Hilton!!
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What can I do at home to help my child??

  • First and foremost- practice writing your child's name EVERY NIGHT. I can't beg you to do this enough :)
  • Writing the alphabet letters- capital and lowercase. If you need alphabet paper from me, just ask!
  • Practice writing numbers 1-10
  • Counting to 20 (at least)
  • Tying their shoes by themselves!!!
  • Writing their sight words from the week- I always list the new words in the "next week we will above"
  • Read with your child EVERY night or as much as you can!! Please, please, please!

Mark Your Calendar!

October 12th- NO SCHOOL!! Columbus Day

October 13th- Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!! (wear tennis shoes)

October 13th- PTO meeting- 6:30

October 15th- BROWN day

October 22nd- ORANGE day

October 30th- Fall festival & the fire department comes to visit!!

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Mrs. McDaniel's Wish List

  • rubber witches fingers to use while reading to point to words (these can be found at walmart or target)
  • large plain white tshirts (adult size) for students to wear during science as lab coats!!

October Birthday's

Oct. 30th= Comfort