8 Aspects of Religion


A symbol is an image that represents an idea or belief.

This cross is the christian symbol of the atonement, and Jesus' conquering of sin and death.

The star of David is a symbol of God's rule over the Earth. North, East, South, West, up and down.


Beliefs are firmly held convictions about something that may or may not exist.

Christians believe in the Holy Trinity.

Jews believe that there is one God.


Rituals are repetitive actions that have meaning.
Christmas is a Christian ritual that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.
Hanukkah is a Jewish ritual/celebration that celebrates the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrians.

Sacred Text

Sacred texts are important. They help us to learn about our religion.
An example of a christian sacred text is the Bible.
The Torah is the Jewish equivalent of the our Bible.

Social Structures

Social structure is the order of hierarchy within a religion.
Christianity has a social structure comprised of the Pope, Bishops, Priests and many others.
Unlike Christianity Judaism has no defined structure.

Myths and Other Stories

Myths and stories are ways of teaching us in a way that we understand.
Christians and Jews both use the creation story to explain the way the Earth was created.

Religious Experience and Spirituality

Religious experiences are miracles that people experience that brings them closer to god.
Christians find religious experience in the church.
Jews find their experiences in the synagogue.


Ethics is just the difference between right and wrong. Ethics are like your rules or boundaries.