Miller Elementary Parent Bulletin

From Principal

Hello Miller families-

Hard to believe it is October already. Your children are hard at work and really getting back into a routine on campus. We appreciate all your support of the school and your child's teacher(s). We will continue to work together to provide a quality on campus experience.

You might have noticed our School Safety Patrol out front of the campus. They have been working hard during this last week of on the job training and are ready to fully serve. We ask that you all follow their lead and instructions as you approach the campus either by car or as a pedestrian. Please abide by all safety laws so that we can ensure everyone arrives to their destination as safe as possible. A few reminders-

*The white zone on Shields is a loading and unloading zone only. It is zoned for 3 minutes and it is to provide a place to let children out or get them in a car in a 3 minute period. Many are parking their cars and leaving them for longer than 3 minutes. Our SDPD officer will begin to ticket cars that are beyond the 3 minutes.

*There is no parking or stopping in the red zone at any time.

*Please wait for the Safety Patrol to blow the whistle before entering the crosswalk area. We want to make sure you are crossing with no oncoming traffic.

*Please be sure that you are not driving around someone when they are waiting to enter the school parking lot or while waiting for traffic to proceed. We have seen a number of these unsafe incidents happening. Please allow yourself plenty of time to get to where you are going so that you are not needing to speed around others on our one lane each way street

*Please do not stop or pull over in the school parking lot. There are many parking spots to pull into or park in the surrounding area. We also have staff that are needing to get to other schools in the AM or PM and many that are trying to access the handicap parking but cannot because there are cars blocking. Please be a courteous driver and keep moving through the parking lot when you are coming onto campus.

*Our parking lot is ONE WAY ONLY. You may enter from Shields and exit onto Orleck. There is NO ENTRY from the Orleck side into our parking lot. There have been some close calls as people are trying to exit onto Orleck only to be met with someone trying to enter. Again, NO ENTRY onto the campus parking lot from Orleck.

We appreciate your support in making the campus and surrounding area as safe as possible for all that enter.

We are still accepting the COVID testing opt in forms through your parent portal. Navigating through this process is 3 steps. The job aid on how to do all three steps is attached below. The district is asking that all families complete this whether opting in or out.

Please make sure that you are keeping your child at home if they are exhibiting any COVID like symptoms. These include but are not limited to headaches, stuffy nose, cough, fever, etc. Call to speak to the health office if you are unsure. Any of these symptoms will require a negative COVID test prior to returning to the site. If a child comes in with any of these symptoms they will be sent to the health office where they will wait for a parent to pick up and be sent home. If you are keeping your child home due to illness you will be asked a series of questions to ascertain your next steps. Again, calling to speak to our health office with your questions is a great way to understand the steps needed to have your child safely return.

Have a great weekend.

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Miller Office Hours

The office will be open every

Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri - 7:00 am to 2:30 pm

Thursdays - 7:00 am to 1:30 pm.

If you need help or have questions outside of these hours please email Your email will be responded to as soon as possible.

If families are still interested in enrolling and did NOT email prior to August 20th, they can submit their interest to be placed on a waiting list using this link.

New Student COVID-19 Testing Option

As published in parent emails from our district, a new form will be added to the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal effective Thursday, August 26, 2021. The new form will allow parents and students to indicate if they wish to be included in the district’s COVID-19 testing program. All parents/guardians are required to complete the form and indicate whether they choose to participate in COVID-19 testing, or not.

Parent/Student Portal support for new form:

To assist parents/guardians with submitting the form, a job aid is available with instructions. Parents/guardians should be instructed to login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal at and select Forms from the left-hand navigation, then select the form named School COVID-19 Testing Option. If parents/guardians do not have a Parent Portal account, they may also login using their student’s ID and password. However, please encourage parents/guardians to create their own Parent Portal account in the future.

Any parents/guardians who indicate that they would like to enroll in the District’s COVID-19 testing program will be directed to one or two additional forms based on school of enrollment. These forms will also show in the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal Forms area if a parent needs to return to them later.

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Mask Policy from the District

San Diego Unified community:

As we prepare for a safe start to the new school year, we will continue to update our policies and procedures, as new information becomes available. Today, we are updating our policy on the wearing of masks. We are strengthening the policy in light of the continued presence of the Covid-19 virus in our community.

The new policy is as follows:

Masks are always required indoors. Masks are now required outdoors at all times while students are on campus, unless they are eating. Currently, large-scale events are not recommended for any school sites due to the increased risk of exposure.

We highly encourage students to take mask breaks outdoors. During these breaks students should maintain 6 feet distance from each other. Wearing masks outdoors lessens the likelihood of student exposure and allows more students to qualify for a modified quarantine.

Masks may be removed outdoors in certain situations and with certain distancing

recommendations during physical education, athletics and performing arts programs.

Mientras nos preparamos para un comienzo seguro del nuevo año escolar, continuaremos actualizando nuestras políticas y procedimientos, a medida que haya nueva información disponible. Hoy, estamos actualizando nuestra política sobre el uso de mascarillas. Estamos fortaleciendo la política debido a la presencia continua del virus Covid-19 en nuestra comunidad.

La nueva política es la siguiente:

Las mascarillas se requieren siempre en interiores. Ahora también se requieren al aire libre en todo momento mientras los estudiantes están en el plantel, a menos que estén comiendo. Actualmente, los eventos grandes no se recomiendan para ningúna escuela debido al mayor riesgo de exposición.

Recomendamos encarecidamente a los estudiantes que tomen descansos al usar mascarillas al aire libre. Durante estos descansos, los estudiantes deben mantener una distancia de 6 pies entre sí. El uso de mascarillas al aire libre reduce la probabilidad de exposición de los estudiantes y permite que más estudiantes califiquen para una cuarentena modificada.

Las mascarillas se pueden quitar al aire libre en ciertas situaciones y con ciertas recomendaciones de distanciamiento durante los programas de educación física, atletismo y artes escénicas

PTA News -

Resources for Military families!

If you wish to utilize services or inquire into other resources available to
military families, please reach out to your school liaison Stacey Bengtson at (858) 349-7678. Additionally, listed below are several resources that provide a broad range of support to the Military community.

San Diego Military Collaborative
(858) 496-0044

Military OneSource
(800) 342-9647

Fleet and Family Support Center
(619) 556-7404

Additional Resources for military Families:


Dear Miller Parents,

Each year the district is responsible for collecting information from our students’ families to support the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) process. The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is hallmark legislation that fundamentally changed how all school districts in the state are funded, how they are measured for results, and the services and supports they receive allow all students to succeed to their greatest potential.

To support the state’s process San Diego Unified utilizes an online system accessed through the Parent Connect page of Power School in which we ask parents and families to complete a very short questionnaire that increases Miller Elementary School's opportunity to receive more funds from the state. The information is only collected for this process and will not be used for any other purpose. We ask that you complete the short survey before the September 17, 2021. By doing so you will not only be supporting the district’s efforts, but increasing the chances of Miller Elementary School in receiving more funding.

Please complete the survey today. Log onto ParentConnect and submit your information.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Most sincerely,

Gina Camacho McGrath