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JSD's Elementary Math Newsletter Nov. '22

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Happy Fall, Awesome Coaches and Teachers!

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  • The Power of Moments - students' INSIGHT into their math work
  • Where do I find resources for high-quality interventions?
  • Kaplinsky Problem Solving Template
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The Power of Moments

Book cover of The Power of Moments
Our EPIC theme this year (Elevation, Pride, Insight, Connection) focuses on the element of insight this month. Insight is a deep understanding.One way to increase our students' insight is to increase our own. Try playing around with a math concept yourself to develop your insight and to craft questions you might ask the students so they can discover those same insights for themselves. (

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A Graphic Organizer for Problem Solving

Quote of the Month

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding. (William Paul Thurston)

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