Spanish Newsletter

Week of March 18-22 2013

What we did this week...

Greetings Parents/Guardians!

Happy Spring! (or whatever mother nature wants to call it.)

Due to the snow day on Tuesday I had to adjust the plans for the week. On Monday and Wednesday of this week students practiced and applied direct object pronouns to phrases in Spanish. They have been doing a lot of "decoding" in both English and Spanish by identifying the subject of the sentence, the verb and the direct object of the sentence. Students have also been practicing how to incorporate direct object pronouns in both questions and sentences in Spanish.

One of the activities that we did to practice using pronouns in class is called "Socrative." This is a free on-line site that allows you to create quizzes with multiple choice questions and/or short answer questions. Once students have completed the quiz, Socrative scores the students on a 100% grade scale. I can then download the report as an Excel spreadsheet. I use this site for formative assessments because it allows us (students and teacher) to use the results for identifying areas of strengths and needs. I have entered the "Socrative" grades into PowerSchool so that you can see their progress. As previously mentioned, the grades you see for Socrative activities are "formative" which means that they will not count towards a student's final grade as it is practice.

Students took the assessment on direct object pronouns today (Thursday) and I will be scoring them this evening. Grades should be posted in 24 hrs.

Tomorrow (Friday) Students will be learning about two countries as part of the cultural segment of this unit. The countries are Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Be sure to ask them what they learned about these two countries. (Hint: Sandboarding down volcanoes?) Very cool!

Sorry no pictures this week...:(

Coming up Next Week...

We will be wrapping up Unit 5 by the end of next week with a culminating assessment that includes the material learned in this unit: Technology vocabulary, numbers (1-1.000.000), direct object pronouns, the irregular verb "venir" and seasons.

The following week (April 1-5) Students will be researching a Spanish Holiday. I will be sending home information about this project in next week's newsletter.

School Announcements - For your calendar

Quarter 3 will be ending on Friday April 5th. Friday is considered a make-up day for missing/past work, etc. We strongly encourage students to check PowerSchool for any missing/failing grades and schedule a time to meet with teachers for additional support, etc.