King Henry VIII

The last attempt to bring a Protestant revolution

Henry's break from the Church

Henry's older brother Arthur had always been destined to have the throne. Arthur had married Catherine of Aragon in order to secure an alliance with Spain. Soon after marrying her, Arthur died unexpectedly, Leaving the throne to Henry. As a means to keep the alliance with Spain, Henry was to marry Catherine. After some time of being married to her, Henry discovered that Catherine would give Henry a son. Henry had found favor in Anne Boleyn. Henry argued that his marriage to Catherine was illegitimate because she had been his sister through marriage, and sought an annulment from Pope Clement VII. When Clement refused to agree to the annulment, Henry decided that he would break away from the Church and become the leader of his church in England. For a while, Henry still considered himself a Catholic, but in 1539 Henry got parliament to adopt his Six Articles which determined the main teachings of the English Church.

The Church's thoughts on Henry

Fighting Henry's "Supremacy"

When Henry VIII declared himself the leader of the Church in England, it was a direct attack against the papacy. With this, anyone who went against Henry's authority was either imprisoned or executed.