7 Life Changing Products

By; Sydney Eubanks P2

Our world is constantly changing so its nice to have products that help and make our lives easier. Here are my top 7 products that I think have changed our society for the better.

7-Can opener

Now it is very hard to open a can with no opener. It is a great way to be injured and the can opener has made things 1000 times easier for people who like to copy there friends salsa recipe but don't want to cut up tomatoes. (me). Thanks to the can opener you can not injure yourself while opening a can.
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Any camera from the one on your phone our the one that fancy wedding photographers has helped us to capture memories. When I went to Natalie's on Friday we took a pretty sweet picture and without the camera we wouldn't have been able to capture that beautiful moment. Without a camera there would be no cat videos on YouTube. Wow. The camera has definitely changed our world.


Thank the lord for TV because without it I would be bored all the time. The Television has helped us to get our news faster and given lots of people jobs like a news anchor, actor, director, producer, or even a job in craft services. I feel that the TV has had quite a positive influence on our society.
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4-The Phone

The phone is great for many reasons. 1. We can play games 2. You can call your mom to pick you up from school 3. We can keep in touch with people who have moved away. Phones are one of the greatest inventions. If there is a suspicious person behind you in a dark alley you can call 911! If you are lazy you can call Taco Bell and have them bring you your Dorito taco and nachos. The phone is pretty great.
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If there wasn't a microwave I couldn't have bagel bites after school for a snack because I'm not allowed to use the oven. The microwave has made it possible to heat up meals in just seconds and has made my life 100 times easier. I absolutely hate cold stiff cheese on my sandwich and thanks to my microwave I can make it all melted and gooey. The microwave has made everything involving food easier. Lets say you go to churches chicken and when you come back the food is a little cold. You aren't going to put in the oven and I would hate to eat cold chicken, so what do you do? You put in the microwave.
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2-Air conditioning

There is noting like coming in from being outside and getting a rush of cool air right in your face. When this happens thank your air conditioning. Now I complain a lot about heat and so does Tayler. Now me and Tayler would complain a lot more and drive our parents crazy. Since we have the air conditioning heat (unless we are outside) is not something we typically complain about. The air conditioning sure is a positive thing.
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1-Sliced Bread

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard somebody say "... is the greatest thing since sliced bread." apparently sliced bread is a big deal because when you cut the bread yourself it is all un even (unless you are Bobby Flay) Sliced bread is pretty wonderful because your sandwich will be even. You can even use a microwave to warm up your sandwich.
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By Sydney Eubanks P2