"Still I Rise" By. Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou

  • Maya Angelou was born April 4th, 1928 & passed away on May 28, 2014.
  • Maya home town was St,Louis, Missouri.
  • In addition her three major contributes to society was an historian, director, and songwriter/singer.
  • Also Maya three major contributes to literature were an author of a 5 part television show called " Three Way Choice". Prize winning documentaries including "Afro Americans in the Arts" ,and a PBS special for which she received the Golden Eagle Award.
  • Tony award twice
  • Fun fact: Maya was granted the National Medal of Arts in 2000,and the Presidential Medal of freedom by President Barack Obama in 2010.

Poem: "Still I Rise"

Main Emotion:

Haughty: proud and vain to the point of arrogance

Indignant: marked by anger aroused by injustice

Current Event: The Supreme s Go to Church , about woman not having the same equal rights as men.

This is a reflection of " Still i Rise" because Maya is trying to prove people wrong and that she can do it as a woman whatever anybody thinks.

Girl on Fire

Even though Alicia Keys not burning her mind is from pouring out her heart from protesting for equal rights. Maya Angelou in the poem is saying she has been through some really tough times and she is still standing and has hope.
Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire