By Joshua Cantu

About Anaximander

He was known to be very creative and innovative He lived from 611 BC to 546 BC and created his own theory. He always believed that everything has a purpose and always tried to figure it out. Little of him is known about today. According to scientists, he was the first scientist to ever record and write down his studies. He liked astronomy and he also liked geometry and geography. He was the one who recorded that water from rain is actually from evaporation. He created possibly one of the best world maps from long ago and it is very detailed. He was believed to die at 64 years old, which for that time is very old. He worked with Aristotle.

More interesting things about Anaximander.

He was born in modern Turkey and he grew up there and went to school to study all of his favorite subjects. But his most favorite was science. He usually did most of his work here.

My opinion on Anaximander

To me, this man is a genius who we should not forget about. He did some great things for us and it is sad to think that we are just letting Anaximanders memory fade away. Sure the scientists remember him but the public just doesn't care. I think that Anaximanders most famous theory is the Apeiron theory. This is the theory that I am always hearing about when I look him up. I am still looking it up and researching it. But it seems very important. He also is known to for the fact that he drew one of the first maps of the world ever. This is surprising to me because I have no idea how far maps date back.

How He Helped

His theory's helped us find more about the universe and its position in the universe. He also helped us find how evaporation and the water cycle works. Without him, we might still be learning about the water cycle.

Fun Facts

  • He believed that humans were generated from fish
  • He believes that the world will end and be reborn

A Quote by Anaximander

"Immortal and indestructible, surrounds all and directs all" -Anaximander

How He affects my life

Without the water cycle, I would be so confused every time it rained and I would also wonder what was out there past the stars and the moon. Is there other life out there? Well, we don't know yet, but with the technology we have I have a feeling that we will find out soon. Without Anaximanders model of the universe, We might not be able to get out there into space without hitting something or something like that.