American Revolution


Information you need to know.

Marquis de Lafayette- marquis de Lafayette was born in 1757 and died in 1834. He was a french general and political leader who enthusiastically supported the american revolution.

The continental congress appointed him as major general in 1777, before france had officially entered into an alliance with the united states.

Causes and effects during American Revolution on America.

America has been fighting England for decades just to be independent. So now they fought 3 different battles which were extremely important and the first battle turned everything around because American won and French saw that Americans were dominating. Both America and France hated England so Americans asked for help. Americans didn't have that good of economy. So French came in and supplied them with weapons and taught them many other things.

Quick quiz!

What influences did the American Revolution have on the French and the Latin Americans?- the American Revolution showed the French and the Latins that a revolt against a high powered nation was possible and achievable, which made them want to achieve it too.

Explain the examples of important people having a major influence on political thoughts and opinions.- an example of a person with high influential importance would be marquis de Lafayette. He had ugh influences on his American allies and his French homeland brethren.

What ideas influenced Americans and the American Revolution?

What event convinced the French to agree to help the Americans fight the British?- the battle of Saratoga was the battle won by the American troops. When the French saw this they made their decision that the Americans knew what they were doing and actually had a high chance of winning the war.


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