6th Grade AIG Lion Team

Week of November 9 - 13

Reading Class

This week in reading class, the students got a new set of blendspace centers. The centers consisted of “Peak” questions, week 9 Studies Weekly newspaper, work on Stems and Flocabulary, 3 StudyLadder passages, iReady for 20 minutes every day, and a writing prompt. This week they had to write a story, influenced by this picture.

Math Class

This week in math, the students learned more about the coordinate plane. They learned about things like reflecting a shape across the x or y - axis. They reviewed how to find the area of such things as a square or rectangle, and learned how to find the area of triangles.

Science Class

This week, the students continued to learn about matter, atoms, mass, etc. On Thursday, the students made a model of an atom. On Friday, they had their second Genius Hour work day. Genius hour has now become their gateway projects. Please review these changes with your child and there will be more information upcoming.


  • Report cards went home on Thursday, along with EOQ scores and any awards your child received from first quarter.
  • Online Yankee Candle orders are open until January
  • Paper Yankee Candle orders were due on Friday, November 13.
  • Please send in mini colored marshmallows and toothpicks for the science classes.
  • The new students of the months are:
Paige Fellores (Lemmon)
Natalei Woltman (Naylor)
Mrs. Greene's student of the month is not yet determined

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