Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter





BLT Meeting 7:30


PBIS Meeting 2:30



I-Team Meeting 7:30

Parent Input Forms Due

22 PTO Fundraiser, Bingo at O'Brien's 3-5:00


24 Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

25 Doughnuts withe Principal 8:35

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9

Staff Potluck

26 3rd Quarter Ends

Two Hour Early Release Day

27 NO SCHOOL - Teacher Planning Day

30-31 NO SCHOOL - Spring Break


1-3 NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

6 PBIS Meeting 7:35

All School Bingo 2:00-2:45

7 BLT Meeting 7:30

8 Spring Picture Day (only those who bring forms in)

10 I-Team Meeting 7:30

13 Send Report Cards Home

PTO Meeting (Parent/Board/Grants/Voting) 6:30-8

14 Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

15 PBIS Meeting 2:30

16 Severe Weather Drill 1:45

17 I-Team Meeting 7:30

4th Grade Music Program 2:00

21 BLT Meeting 7:30

23 Kindergarten Round-Up Night 5-6:30

24 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Zoomobile to visit 1st Grade 9-12

27 Youth Teaching Youth to 4th Grade 1:30-2:30

28 Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

Kindergarten Round-Up 5-6:30

30 Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

Field Trip for 3rd Grade to Mpls. Institute of Art, 9:00-2:15


1 NO SCHOOL (E-5 Off/6-12 Staff Dev Day)

4 PBIS Meeting 7:35

4-8 Staff Appreciation Week

Youth Teaching Youth to 4th Grade 1:30-2:30

5 Staff Dev Meeting 7:30 (was BLT, but changed to Staff Dev on 2/10/20)

6 National Bike/Walk to School 7:50-7:55 (if inclement weather it will NOT be rescheduled)

7 Literacy and Beyond Night 5-7:00

8 I-Team Meeting 7:30

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00

10 Twins Game 1:10/PTO Event (Kansas City Royals)

11 Youth Teaching Youth to 4th Grade 1:30-2:30

PTO Meeting (Board ONLY) 6:30-8

5th Grade Music Program 6:30

12 BLT Meeting 7:30 (was Staff Dev, but changed to BLT 2/10/20)

Field Trip for 4th Grade to Faribault Energy Park, 10:00a-2:45p

15 I-Team Meeting 7:30

18 1st Grade Track and Field 9-1:15

K Track and Field 12-2:15

19 BLT Meeting 7:30

2nd Grade Track and Field

20 PBIS Meeting 2:30

3rd Grade Track and Field

21 4th Grade Track and Field

22 I-Team Meeting 7:30

5th Grade Track and Field

25 NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

26 Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)

27 All School Assembly (tentative time 2:00)

29 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

1st Grade Field Trip to the MN Zoo 8:35-2:40


1 PBIS Meeting 7:35

2 BLT Meeting 7:30

Yearbook Signing 2:15-2:45

3 4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00

Seniors to visit Jackson (last year around 11:30)

All School Picnic

Talent Show 1:30

4 Last day of School

Staff End of Year Party

5 Teacher Work Day

6 Graduation

15 Send Report Cards Home


*Thanks fourth grade for helping with my kids when I was sick! You are the best!

*Amy & Ben---Thank you for doing an amazing job being our union reps! Not only do you keep us informed but you bring us fun surprises to brighten up our days!

*Ms. Leonard......THANK YOU for all your hard work on the BINGO cards, I appreciate it LOTS!

*Krissy – thank you for “getting” me. Who else can I text about buy one-get one free blizzards and then you make it happen?! You are always thinking of others and looking for ways to brighten someone’s day.

**Thank you, Becky, Jeanne and Sandy, for meeting with our team to discuss EL’s in groups and in the classroom – good discussion!

*Wendy.....thank you for your support during a hard week!

*Thank you, Jody, for helping me with another intervention for a student!

*Thank you, Barbi and Stephanie for the EnVoy strategies on Tuesday! You do such a great job—think of the hundreds of kids your mini-lessons are impacting!

*HUGE thank you to Heather Broden for your help with a teacher-review of volume… it was VERY appreciated that you didn’t laugh!

*Thank you, Diane and Lori for staying with me when my brain is moving 90 mph! You are ever so patient and willing to try new thing!

*Kevin.....thank you for your listening ear and encouragement during a difficult week!

*Krissy Luce.......THANK YOU for the DQ, it was YUMMY and just what I needed that day!

*Thank you, Jody for supplying the materials for our new reading groups! You are so willing to think outside the box to help those that struggle! Thank you for being so dedicated!

*Thank you Heather for taking a big part of your prep to help my sub prepare for the day due to a family emergency. I owe you big time!

*Gendlin.....Thank you for your check-ins this week and everything, you are amazing!!!

*Happy Belated Birthday, Kaitlin—and thank you for the cupcake!

*Kevin, thank you for being as open and honest as possible with us about staffing for next year.

*Schleper, thanks again for guiding me on guided math. We are starting to get the hang of it now, thanks to your routines!

*Leonard and Boumeester, you flatter me by buying the same sweatshirt as me. A true compliment!

*Thanks, Luci, for sharing the figurative language raps with my class. We finally got to watch all of them!

*Anglin, thank you for all you do to organize the states project for our team!

*This whole week I’ve been waiting for Friday so I can have coffee from the Coffee Cart! BRILLIANT idea SpEd team!!!

*Krissy, thank you for pulling books for our students to use during a research project!

*Pete, it was really nice of you to includ the whole school in MCA training this year. I think this is the best training yet!

*Amy and Ben, I appreciate your union leadership. The Caribou gift card didn’t hurt, either. THANK YOU!

*Boumeester, thank you for inviting me to your son’s kindergarten performance. In Jordan.

*To the 4th grade team: thank you for trusting me to teach science to the crew. I hope it has been helpful for you.

*Charlotte, thank you for getting the CSA spreadsheet up and running.

*Kira, thank you for finding and returning a missing student jacket!

*Thank you Mr. Fischer for always checking in throughout the day to see if I need any extra support or just a break for a minute after an escalated situation. Your thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed.

*Thanks to Mrs. Bernard for having extra gum for one of our friends to chew while he thinks! Who knew a stick of gum could help to process abstract math, and prevent an after lunch meltdown!

*Thank you Wendy P. for taking care of time card issues to ensure we get paid.

*Thank you to the Star Room staff whom I am so proud to work with each day. Hearts of Gold!

Big picture



Thank you all for supporting our hot beverage cart, THE GOOD STUFF! Deliveries next week will be completed by:

Megan and Alex
Star Room

Friday, March 20th

To fit the differentiated and diverse needs of our group, the students from the Star Room will deliver your orders during the first 10 minutes of your grade levels’ prep time.

If you do not have a room assignment or are in varying locations throughout the morning (paraprofessionals, intervention, custodial staff, specialists, etc), please come to the Star Room around 9:10 and pick up your beverage.


Canvas for Grades 3-5

The district DLCs have been busy adding curricular content into Canvas for grades 3-5. Currently all grade levels can access the MCA samplers in Canvas. These assessments are tied to standards and the data can be reviewed for each segment of the test or broken down into the standards.

Additionally, we are putting in the CSA assessments (long and short versions) for grades 3-5 into the corresponding grade level's reading master class so that you can use these resources in your teaching of skills and strategies in reading class.

The reading passages can be opened in Notability for students to practice highlighting, annotating, and finding text evidence to support their thinking. Simultaneously on their screens, they can have the Canvas app opened to the quiz to submit their answers.

Please be in touch if you want to use any of these resources. Also if there are more resources that you would like to see built into Canvas, we will work diligently to build those resources up for you as well.

Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead!



3/17 Mary Ellen Sandberg

3/22 Dena Gregor

3/25 Becky Keller

3/26 Amy Scott

3/26 Ben Thies

3/31 Krissy Luce

4/2 Sarah Reiersgord

4/4 Wendy Derhaag

4/5 Belle LaBarre

4/5 Jen Ulrich

4/6 Lori Proehl

4/8 Faye Hames

4/11 Jen Klecker

4/13 Barbi Studtmann

4/18 Heather Broden

4/18 Tammy Haugen

4/23 Tammy Youngvorst

4/25 Kristen Hengel

4/25 Kira Johanson

4/27 Heather Balk

4/27 Bill Folz

4/28 Joshua Miller

5/2 Amy Cole

5/2 Megan Henke

5/7 Emma Baer

5/8 Jen Rothstein

5/10 Jessica Hentges

5/12 Jodi Koci

5/25 Alex Fischer

5/29 Rhonda Yeiter

5/31 Kelly Voigt

4/6 Vatoua Yang

6/6 Jaron Aune

6/16 Jenny Larsen

6/19 Julia Perez

6/22 Kirk Rosholt

6/25 Andrea Richards

6/26 Martie Anglin

6/30 Jen Bieniek

7/4 Dan Koeniig

7/5 Nicole Barrett

7/12 Ann Van Brocklin

7/14 Julie Lund

7/19 DeAnn Gendlin

7/23 Bristol Evasco

7/23 Anne Braun

7/30 Evelin Hernandez Morales

8/6 Erica Casey

8/8 Steph Blad

8/10 Becky Fisher

8/11 Kristi Schleper

8/17 Aimee Riley

8/20 John Bauman

8/21 Patty Moening

8/21 Becky Bernard

8/22 Rebecca Fobes

8/23 Stephanie St. Peter