Kepler 186f

By: Gab Giambrone

Rocky Road World

I gave it this name because shown in the video below Nasa says that its surface is rocky and its more like a Rockier world so I called it Rocky Road World.
NASA's Kepler Discovers First Earth-Size Planet In The Habitable Zone of Another Star

Background information of Kepler 186f

  • Diameter of planet - 44.41 km
  • Average distance from sun - 52.4 million kilometers
  • Average temperature - unknown
  • Length of 1 day - unknown as well
  • Length of a year (orbital period) - 130 Earth days
  • No moons
  • No rings
  • Outer mist of 5 planets
  • 10% larger than Earth
  • About the same size as Earth

Interesting facts about Kepler 186f

  • This is the 1st planet with a radius similar to Earth's in the habitable zone.
  • There are 5 other planets that orbit Kepler 186f.
  • The planet also orbits a red dwarf star with half the mass of the sun.
  • There is liquid water on Kepler 186f's surface.
  • "Rocky Road World" orbits a star that is cooler and dimmer than the sun.
  • The surface of Kepler 186f is very bright. (Comparing from the brightness of when our sun is just setting here on Earth.)
  • Kepler 186f gets the same amount of energy that Earth usually gets as well.

Some promblems you would experience living on Kepler 186f are...

  1. There is hydrogen and helium but we need oxygen to live and breath.
  2. The water would freeze here because its on the colder edge.

Some ideas to overcome these promblems in Kepler 186f are...

  1. Live under a dome of some sort with oxygen to breathe.
  2. Use energy to melt the frozen water.

Some additional facts of Kepler 186f...

  • The distance Kepler 186f is from Earth is about 490 lights years. Each light year is equal to 3.0 x 10^8 m/s.
  • The gravitational constant on Kepler 186f is 1.11510 Nm^2/kg^2.
  • If i lived on this planet today, I would be 39.94 years of age.