"App"y Hour @ SHMS

December 12, 2012

Check out these fun apps/websites for your classroom.

Check This Digital posters creator for social media. Free.

Smore Create online flyers. Works best in Chrome. Free.

Knowmia Find lessons created by teachers in your subject area as well as create your own online lessons for your student on this website and free app. Sign-up required.

Snapguide App- Create mini-lessons to share. Free.

Skqueak App- Another fun way to share ideas and lessons. Free.

My Create App- Create, record and share stories with your iPad. Free.

Sock Puppets- Just like it sounds. Create and share stories using sock puppets. Free.

Skitch- Create notes to share. They stay in sync with your Evernote Account across all of your devices. Free.

Animator Free- Create animations for classroom projects. Free.

PaperDesk LT- Another whiteboard app to test out. Free.