The Lewis and Clark Trail

10 interesting places the Corps of Discovery visited


Lewis and Clark managed to follow the Missouri river all across the unknown Louisiana territory and into present-day Oregon . There's no doubt they stopped at some cool places along the way, so here are 10 of the most interesting places they visited.
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Place #1

Camp Dubois

Camp Dubois is where the expedition spent it's first winter. Lewis wanted the men to build their own fort rather than use one of the many existing ones to gain experience that would later pay off. During the winter the group gathered supplies and Clark trained the men to work well together.
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Place #2

Fort Mandan

Fort Mandan is where the expedition spent it's first winter. The expedition arrived at the Mandan indian villages and decided to spend the winter there. Lewis and Clark directed their men to build a log fort for them to stay in. The winter was harsh but they made it through planning for there journey into the unknown.
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Place #3

Independence Creek

Just 6 weeks after setting off the expedition had made it to the northeast corner of Kansas. Here they stopped at a creek to spend independence day. They named the creek Independence Creek and had their cannon fired at sunset to celebrate.
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Place #4

Present Day Sioux City

Here the expedition stopped in August in an attempt to meet with the Omaha Indians. However their attempts failed and the expedition had to move along after a 1 week stay.
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Place #5

Present Day Boyd County Nebraska

Here lewis and clark first encountered prairie dogs. Clark described them as small squirrels with a few minor differences. He also mentions killing one and capturing another alive by pouring large amounts of water into it's burrow.
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Place #6

Hidatsa Villages

The Hidatsa indians' villages were very close to where the exploration spent their first winter at fort Mandan. The Hidatsa were great farmers and were a vital part of the areas economy. The tribe also provided valuable information about the tribes Lewis and Clark would encounter on their way to the Pacific Ocean.
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Place #7

The Great Falls of The Missouri

Here Lewis and Clark met one of their largest obstacles. The great falls of the Missouri caused the expedition to go more than 18 miles out of their way to keep making progress. Today a lot less water flows don the falls, more than 5 dams control the flow today.
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Place #8

Rocky Mountains

The rocky mountains would be a great sign of progress for Lewis and Clark, and they were eager to get the first sight o the vast mountain range. But as they came closer they realized the mountains would be as much of a challenge as they were an accomplishment.
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Place #9

Pacific Ocean

Ultimately this was the final destination for Lewis and Clark. Their expedition's purpose was to find out if a northwest passage existed. Though it did not they continued on to present-day Oregon to find the pacific ocean.
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Place #10

Camp Fortunate

The plains of present-day Montana is where Lewis and Clark met the Shoshone indians. The Shoshone were vital to the expedition, In order to continue their journey they would need horses and the Shoshone could provide them. This was also the place where Sacagawea recognized her brother, with the help of Sacagawea the expedition managed to get the horses they needed.
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