Franklin Roosevelt: The President

By: Iain G. Sipple

What made him famous?

What made FranklinRoosevelt famous was that he helped America out of the Great Depression. He made America happy and cheerful, after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. So many people were sad at that time. All of America knew that he was trying to help them. I could tell that everybody thought of him as a superhero.

The Time Of Polio

One early struggle in his life was the time that he had polio. That had a big impact on him, the reason that I chose this example was because it has to do with the time period by which he lived in. The time that my person lived in was the 1880's-1940's he was at the age of 63 when he died. The sickness of polio made it so you could not walk. What I mean is that the medicine that we have today is a lot better than the medicine that we had in the 1900's. So there was nothing that he or his doctor could really do about it.

Important Moments

A important moment in his life was he had Polio. The reason that I picked this is because it is a good impact on his life. This is an important moment in this persons life because it stopped him from doing some of the things in his job and his life. It's like having a giant stone wall that you can not break. I read in a book that when he stayed at this hotel he had to use the luggage elevator. He could not go up the stairs.
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Time In The White House

Franklin's time in the White House was like being king... of everything in the U.S.A.

He lived with so many people. He lived with his secretary, children, grandchildren, and his dog named "Fa-la". He must of had a lovely time then. He was a very busy man working all day long. All of America loved him, I wasn't alive when he was dead or alive but he sounded and was a very great man. I could tell.

Wraping it up

I learned from Franklin that in life, it is important to never give up. Also try your hardest during everything in life. In the darkest hours in the human race be strong and brave. In war you must never give up. Like the time When Franklin got polio. He never gave up trying to strengthen his legs! What I learned from Franklin is a gift worth sharing.
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