Simona Zilberberg

Sleep Cycle Alarm

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User friendly

This app is pretty easy to use. It took me a few minutes to understand but almost everything is labeled so it isn't so bad. Although when first using the app there is no introduction or explanation to how to use the app.

Sleep tracker

The app records how much you move around and the amount of sounds you produce. I think that this is really helpful because it shows not only the amount of sleep you get, it also shows the rate of deep, light, and awake sleeping pattern.


I would give this app 4 star. It works well but it is important to find a good spot to leave your phone without it falling of your bed. I would recommend this app to my friends. I think that gives you a good vision of your sleep pattern and how to improve.

Least Favorite Function

I do not like the alarm system that this app provides. Sometimes it doesn't go off if my phone is on do on disturb. The ring for the alarm is usually not loud enough for me to even hear.


This app is free and is the full version of the app. Although, I am pretty sure that there are different alternatives to this app that have more applications that you have to pay for.

App Process

This app won't stop the process of tracking your sleep when you turn it off. Once you wake up and the alarm goes off the tracker stops and you need to set the alarm again in order for it to track your sleep the next night.

App Proposing

This app originally claimed that trackers your sleep, sound and movement when sleeping. After testing this app I can say that this claim is true and works very well.

Personal Identifying data

This app doesn't require any personal data.

Users of SleepBot

I believe that this app will be used by many students or adults who are confused why they don't get enough sleep each night. This is will show how their sleeping and will answer some of their problems with their sleep pattern.

Middle School Students

It's known that most middle school students are extremely tired during school. Some kids don't even know why. So this app will help them realize what is wrong and can help them improve with their sleeping tactics that the app provides.