Village Staff News BLAST OFF!

September 28th-October 2nd

Upcoming Important Dates and Information

Monday, September 28th:

Movers will be on campus to move items OUT of your room. Please label items if you wish to have them returned after COVID.


2:00-2:30 KaHa-Staffing/Rachael Hallett

2:30-3:15 JuCaLe (Speech)

4:00 PM Engagement Report Due- Please email to Heidi and Maribel

4-6 PM Meal Distribution for CUSD families- Details, See Below

Tuesday, September 29th:

Tues 9/29

1:30-2:00 FyAv (Preschool)/Danielle Zirelli/Admin-Katie

2:00-2:30 JaSl (Kinder Homesch)/Paayal Surani/Admin- Katie

Wednesday, September 30th

1:00-2:00 CoMa- Rachael Hallett

1:30-2:00 CaDu- Speech 30-day/Paayal Surani

2-3 PM Staff Meeting -Updates

4:00 PM Lesson Plans Posted for SPED Case Managers in Google Classroom

Thursday, October 1st:

1:30-2:15-CuPa (Speech)/Paayal Surani

2:30-3:15-AvSh (Speech)/Paayal Surani

2:30-3:15-CF (Speech)/Jennifer Cahill

Friday, October 2nd:

8:30-10:00 AM-LaEb/Rachael Hallett

Monday, October 5th:

National Icream Day: Free Icecream for Village Staff avaiaible in Village Hall between 11am-2pm and 2:30-6:30pm.

Cohort 2 Returns: More Details to Follow

CUSD 1st Amendment Rights Presentation

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VES Safety Protocols

You may ONLY ENTER Village through the front office:

1. QR Code will continue
2. 9/28/2020 NEW: At this time, there is not a requirment for temerature taking for staff upon entry.

Masks: Wearing masks while on campus is a MUST. Masks are required in all common indoor spaces and when you enter another staff member’s room/space.

You may remove your mask in your classroom or personal office space.

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Please consider the following in your first days/weeks with students (from

  • Assume good intentions, and approach all families as partners who want the best for their children.
  • Invite parents or guardians to share knowledge about their students’ lives, interests, hopes and struggles.
  • Invite parents or guardians to share information about family cultures and traditions.
  • Recognize and respect differences in family structures.
  • Recognize the role that identity and background may play in shaping relationships between teachers and families.
  • Bring a sense of self-reflectiveness and cultural humility to all conversations and interactions.
  • View linguistic, cultural and family diversity as strengths.

Consider the following projects or sharing:

  1. Students and families share photos or drawings of their home learning environment. Students and families share responses to a survey or prompt about the benefits and challenges of their spaces and home learning circumstances (other siblings learning in same space/potential noise interference, WiFi challenges, etc.). This feedback will help you understand and empathize with each individual student and their family circumstances.
  2. Students share their family culture/background/traditions/unique histories/circumstances /student interests and strengths with teacher and peers to build awareness and pride in their individuality and characteristics.
  3. Students and families practice using and interfacing and responding to you via technology platforms.

Read this terrific article from Cult of Pedagogy on the most critical aspects and perspectives to consider in online learning.
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