Respiratory System

By: Kathy, Maria, Evanna, and Nayana

THE Lungs

The lungs play an important role in the respiratory system. The lungs work when we're asleep, dancing, exercising, etc. Every day we breath about 20,000 times. The respiratory system includes the nose, throat, windpipes, and lungs. When we breathe in air, sometimes it's dirty, but that doesn't matter, our respiratory system filters it. Oxygen is what we breathe and Carbon Dioxide is the gas that we release.

Video & Quiz

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Function and Main Organ

Function: Oxygen is one of the most important things necessary for one to live. The respiratory system supplies the body with oxygen.

Main Organ: Lungs- Filter the air we breathe. You don't even have to think about breathing because our lungs will do it automatically for us-anywhere, anytime.

Lung & Respiratory System Facts

  • Can you live without one lung? Yes you can. It may limit you, but many people around the world live with one lung.
  • Studying of lungs is called: Pulmonology.
  • The lungs are about the size of two footballs-the right lung being a little bit bigger than the left lung.