Community Social Hours

with Tea and Baked Goods

Community Social Hours in Maplewood Community Center, Room 104

Please come join me for some tea and yummy baked goods every Friday afternoon during the community social hours. I will keep my office door- Room 104 in Maplewood Community Center open for you to walk in and enjoy some tea and baked goods! Please drop by to say hi, celebrate the end of your week, enjoy some hot beverage, share any concerns about living in Maplewood and ask questions about our residential programs and activities. We want to know what you enjoy about living in Maplewood and what we can do to make your living more healthy, fun and full of well being!

- Prabhat Gautam
Graduate Residence Manager

Friday, March 20th, 1:30-3:30pm

201 Maple Ave

Ithaca, NY