My Daily Food Plan

By: Noah Kupershteyn

This food plan is based off of day 1. I had 1385 calories to consume and I did this. This is how I did it.


Breakfast had the 3rd most calories in my plan with 208 calories


Lunch had the least amount of calories with only 197 calories


Dinner had the most calories of my food plan with 464, but the least amount of food in it


Throughout the day I had many snacks adding up to 442 calories

Day 1 Percentages of Calories per Meal

This chart represents the amount of calories I had at each meal. As you can see, I had the most at dinner.
Big image

Percentages of carbs, protein, and fat

All of my foods gave at least 1 of each except for water which has nothing. These are the percentages I consumed this day
Big image
Analyzing graphs

Analyzing graphs link

The end of my food plan

In total, I consumed 1311 calories, 147.7 carbs, 64.4 protein, and 63.8 fat. I was successful in getting only 100 calories off of my goal and 5% off of 50% carbs and 25% protein and fat. My food plan was great