Kim Tassinari


Working With the Best

Kim Tassinari has worked with some of the most famous actors in Hollywood when she was a medical doctor practicing in North Hollywood for fifteen years. She retired recently and decided to try acting as a new career. She has appeared in several local television advertisements and small theater productions already in her young acting career. Tassinari is married with three children.

The Acting Life - Fighting for Jobs

In Hollywood, each actor is fighting nearly impossible odds to be successful. Of the 120,000 Screen Actors Guild members in Los Angeles, only about 15% of them are employed at any given minute. For every role on every television show, film, advertisement, and theater production, there are sometimes hundreds of actors competing for it. New actors in Hollywood are surprised by this level of competition. Friendships are shattered with actors will do anything to get regular work and live their dream.

The best thing you can do when you get to Hollywood is forget all the other actors that are auditioning for the same roles and find the energy that got you there in the first place. Hollywood is a place where people go because they want to realize their dreams, use that energy to improve your skills and widen your network so that you have the connections and the ability to get your acting career off the ground.

New actors in Hollywood have to realize that acting is nowhere near the glamorous job that people make it out to be. Only about 20% of SAG members make an above-average income acting, and only 1% find themselves signing multi-million dollar deals with production companies.

Kim Tassinari has the fire to become an actor, even after spending fifteen years as a doctor. She retired last year and decided to try acting as a new career. She has already landed some advertising spots and roles in small theater productions throughout Los Angeles.

Create Your Own Support Structure

As a struggling actor, you have probably been to what seems like hundreds of auditions and gotten nothing back but rejection calls. Making it in a town like Hollywood sometimes takes years of persistence and perseverance throughout your career. Getting that one part that vaults your career into a substantial living is more about luck than it is about talent or even knowing the right people. Smart actors create achievable goals for themselves to keep themselves moving forward and developing their skills, talent, and their network. The key to achieving these goals, step by step is constructing a support system for themselves.

A strong support system can be a group of friends, a mentor, a wise old acting, or anyone who will hold you accountable for achieving your goal. Most successful actors have a support system consisting of their friends, several mentors, acting classes and coaches, and anyone who is both encouraging and a slave driver. Getting people to hold you to your goals can be tricky, and selecting people for your support system is difficult, but if you can find people willing to do what it takes to help you, you will find your goals much more achievable.

Kim Tassinari has the support of her friends and family. When she retired from her medical practice in North Hollywood, she shocked some of her friends, but they soon rallied around her to help her with her new career: acting. Tassinari just started her career, and she already has gigs on local television commercials and in small theater productions.

A Couple of Common Theater Superstitions

All actors and anyone involved in theater productions of any kind are by nature superstitious. They have all kinds of unwritten rules that they feel are necessary to avoid disaster and have consistently good shows. As with any old profession, there are all kinds of small and large superstitions that come from ancient origins. Actors and directors alike will swear that these superstitions are real and wouldn’t dare break them in any way before their performance.

One strange superstition is the “don’t wear blue” rule. While the origins of this superstition are unclear, theater people won’t allow you to wear blue anywhere near their production. Actors almost never wear blue onstage unless the script specifically calls for it. This is thought to be because hundreds of years ago, blue was the most expensive dye. Wearing blue garments was a sign of wealth. Poor production companies back then made their actors wear blue to trick the audience into thinking they’re affluent. This explanation still leaves the reason for why blue attire causes bad luck, but it’s best to follow it anyway.

Another stage rule based on bad juju is no peacock feathers, mirrors, or real money on stage. All of these items are thought to cause set malfunctions, forgotten lines, and broken set pieces. The “evil eye” of the peacock feather scares most thespians, mirrors can affect set lighting, and it’s never a good idea to flash your cash on stage with poor actors.

Kim Tassinari is an aspiring actor in Los Angeles just learning the ropes.

Acting Jobs in Hollywood

Hollywood has always been the home to some of the great actresses and actors of every generation. It has always produced some of the greatest whether they have been there since birth, or whether they moved there in the pursuit of the Hollywood dream. Actors can struggle for years before they are able to break out with a great job, and some never make it past auditioning all the time.

There is a certain process for working in acting, wherever that may be around the world. Everyone knows you have to start small. Kim Tassinari, a former doctor turned actress is doing just that right now. She has started in local commercials and stage shows. She is working her way up to bigger and better jobs in the future. You can do the same thing. It is possible.

You need to start getting out there and seeing what small jobs are available. If you do not do this, you will not get any jobs. Finding work for commercials, or extras, is a great way of getting into the business and getting your name on people’s ballots. It is also a great way for you to start gaining some experience in the field.

By doing things from the bottom up, you are starting where just about every other actor started. You are working on getting a name, and while you may have to take a small commercial job, or a small part in a theater play, at least you are working in your chosen field. All in time, you will be able to get bigger jobs to work on and one day hopefully be famous.

How to become an Actor

The elusive dream of being a famous actor bites many people, no matter the age, no matter the gender. There are few things in the world that people truly strive for, and one of those is fame. Following these steps can help to make your process go smoothly, as well as hitting all the right notes to get into the best jobs. Kim Tassinari, a former doctor with no acting experience at all, made sure that when she wanted to break out into the industry, she took the right steps to get a job.

One of the important things to do before even looking for jobs is to get your headshots taken. Headshots are basically an actor’s resume. You have to get your photo taken so any casting directors have a good idea what you look like, so they know if you will fit the part or not. You can also list all of your special skills, any experience in the business you may have, and other important information for your potential bosses to know. Getting your photos taken is easy, as there are many places that will do that for you nowadays.

Another good idea that you should do before looking for jobs is to find an agent. These are the people who will help look for jobs, and book you for jobs. They are essentially the middle men between you and any job or even the press. They handle any questions that you may have or that someone may have for you. By getting an agent, you can protect yourself while also helping yourself because they tend to know more about potential jobs, as they are always networking.

Taking these early steps in starting your career as an actor is a great way to get off on the right foot in acting. Being able to get the important things you out of the way will help to make your career jump off on the right foot. You will be acting before you know it.

Finding an Agent – How to Find the Best One for Your Career

Being an actor can be an exciting career. With the right connections and steadfast determination, you can become a successful actor and enjoy a long career starring in big theater productions or blockbuster Hollywood films. However, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to your craft to become successful. For many that are just starting out in the industry, they often make the decision to work with an agent. Agents can help you find auditions and present you with leads that you may not have been aware of working on your own.

When you are looking for an agent, it is important for you to do your research. The Screen Actors Guild can supply you with a list of franchised agents that you can check out, and you are held accountable by the supervising agency. You will also want to buy updated books that list and describe agents and managers. You can find out how many agents currently work at an agency, where the agency is, and how long the agency has been in business. If you have friends or family in the industry, you can always as them for a referral.

Once you’ve gathered information about the various agencies around town, you need to decide where you will submit your information. Use the list that you came up with, approximately 15 or 20 agents, and send them your headshot, resume, and cover letter to the agency. If you don’t receive any response, go to your second round of choices. Kim Tassinari left her medical career to pursue acting and has appeared in several local television commercials and a few local plays. She hopes that her agent will be able to begin finding her auditions for small independent films in the new future.

Day by Day – How to Achieve Your Goals as an Actor

To have a successful career as an actor, you have to be open and willing to see where the journey will take you. Even after you set specific goals, you have to be ready for things to not go according to your plan. During this time, you may find that your talents and skills take you in a direction that you never even considered. The one thing that you can’t let yourself become is discouraged.

If you feel like the goals you set at the beginning of your career are drifting out of your reach, you should sit down and come up with some daily goals that will help you get closer to your larger career goals. This activity can help you see the progress that you are making in your career and will help lead you to where you want to head. Setting goals will help you create the opportunities you need to reach your career goals.

Acting is a career that affords you little control, which for some can be scary. However, to be successful, you have to learn to go with the flow and keep moving forward if things don’t go as planned. Acting forces you to continually reevaluate your goals and come up with new ways to reach those goals. And the best that anyone can do in this crazy industry is to take things day by day and keep moving forward. Kim Tassinari, a former medical doctor, is constantly reassessing her goals and creating opportunities that will get her closer to her acting goals.

Kim Tassinari - Does a Good Actor or Actress Need to Be a Good Person?

Pop culture magazines make it clear that not all successful actors and actresses are good people, but what about when acting talent is getting started in the industry? When an actor or actress auditions for a role and does just as well as five other unknown hopefuls, the directors will often consider interpersonal factors. For example, Kim Tassinari is a Hollywood hopeful and a retired doctor. Tassinari's experience in a people-oriented position might help swing decisions in her favor when directors consider who will be easiest to coexist with on set.

Many famous actors and actresses got their start in television. When acting talent is hired for a series, the showrunners hope that filming will last for several years. To keep the rest of the talent happy, especially established stars, friendly and easy-to-deal-with people are usually brought on the set. Their acting ability is considered before their personality, but if two hopefuls are equally-talented, the one who is nicer to be around will often land the role.

While actors and actresses can, of course, feign friendliness using their acting abilities, directors and showrunners have seen it all. They often have an ability to see through the facade and to use their intuition on whether or not the talent is actually pleasant to be around. People who enjoy helping others, doing their best and making friends, exude an aura that intuitive individuals can sense on first meeting.

Kim Tassinari is a former physician who spent fifteen years keeping her patients happy and healthy. She also worked for two years with a non-profit organization in the Congo. After many years spent helping people, she is an example of acting talent that naturally exudes the friendly air that many directors favor.

Kim Tassinari - Getting Started as an Actress or Actor

Whether an actor or actress is just out of school or has switched careers to pursue acting, like actress Kim Tassinari did, getting the right start is essential. Instead of jumping directly into casting calls for big-name movies, which is usually a futile effort, new actors and actresses should start small. Acting classes, for example, will help Hollywood hopefuls get started on the right foot.

Acting classes aren't just for newbies. In fact, seasoned stars often take acting classes to learn new things about their trade or to brush up on their skills. When new talent takes an acting class, though, it helps boost their careers. Most acting coaches recommend that first-timers begin with six months of basic classes before they move onto auditions and advanced or specialized classes. These six months help actors and actresses decide which roles they play best, what their strengths are and what areas need work.

When the actor or actress decides to improve with new classes, television commercial classes or improvisation classes might be beneficial. Fresh talent can also take classes on audition techniques to better their chances of landing roles. Another benefit of taking acting classes is that it allows the talent to start networking in the industry. A read over any success-oriented interview with acting stars usually reveals that networking was a large part of their career.

Actress Kim Tassinari has landed roles both in theater productions and commercials thanks to her acting talent. With a continued interest in furthering her knowledge as an actress, she might one day appear on the red carpet with a success interview of her own.

Kim Tassinari - Starting Off on the Wrong Foot

Almost all actors and actresses start off on the wrong foot – unless they avoid rushing into their careers, that is. For example, Kim Tassinari dreamed of being an actress for most of her life, but she waited to pursue the career. It wasn't until she had pursued her profession as a doctor and retired after 15 years that she began acting. Her success at the beginning of her acting career is because she started with herself. Acting talent has a higher rate of success if they start by making themselves better people, deciding what they want from acting and removing as many obstacles as possible.

Actors and actresses that have several negative traits often start off poorly because they are focused on greed, selfishness and anger. When they make themselves into better people, they are usually aiming for happiness, simplicity and achievements. Directors are more likely to give talent with better qualities a chance, even if they have never heard of the actors or actresses before.

Acting talent that doesn't know what they want will also often start off on the wrong foot. This is because they might blindly rush in and, as a result, make bad impressions. By taking the time to decide what they want from their acting careers, talent can carefully approach the industry so that they make good first impressions. Networking is key to succeeding as an actor or actress, and good impressions make networking more effective.

When actors and actresses attempt to begin their acting career while they still have financial, familial or educational obstacles in their paths, they often fail. Kim Tassinari removed obstacles in her path by first pursuing a successful career as a doctor, happily retiring and then making a clear acting plan before she began. This approach is more likely to help acting talent succeed in the difficult industry.

Kim Tassinari - Acting Isn't Easy

When actors and actresses choose to pursue their dreams, they're not signing up for a walk in the park. Landing acting jobs is difficult and auditions will often fill up more of a schedule than acting itself. Aspiring actors and actresses like Kim Tassinari learn this as they chase success and happiness. Most any actor or actress will agree that acing auditions and landing jobs isn't easy.

Since the majority of the talent's time will be spent auditioning, seeking audition coaching is one of the best things that they can do. Audition coaches give actors and actresses the confidence and skills they need to be able to wow directors. Provided an actor or actress has talent for acting itself, paying for audition coaching is often a better investment than general acting coaching.

Once new talent feels ready to audition for roles, they should start small. Going in front of a favorite director is a quick way to instill nervousness that shows through in the audition. If the talent instead goes to auditions for smaller productions and for directors that they're unfamiliar with, they exude more confidence. When successful actors and actresses look back on their career, they often say that they wish they would not have been so overzealous with their early ambitions. They also note that thick skin is a must in the industry, which is another part of what an audition coach teaches.

Actors and actresses who start their careers later in life – Kim Tassinari began hers after she retired as a doctor, for example – have the opportunities and financial stability to approach acting slowly and to avoid regrets. The industry is difficult, but good things happen when it is handled intelligently.